What If a Single F-22 Time Travelled to Germany During WWI

What would happen if the deadliest fighter aircraft ever built went back in time to participate in the First World War?  Generations Ahead With a thunderous roar, the F-22 would announce its presence above the trenches of war-torn Europe. And with the ability to supercruise without afterburners, the F-22’s supersonic boom would have left hundreds […] More

The Bomber That Made The B-17 Look Small | Douglas XB-19

We’ve all seen our fair share of experimental aircraft, such as the X-36 tailless fighter, the NASA AD-1 oblique wing plane, and the Bell X-1. These planes are all unique in some sort of way, but none of them are known to be as massive as the Douglas XB-19. XBLR (Experimental Bomber Long Range) Developed […] More