How to Start a Spitfire: Step-by-Step Guide with John Romain

A Tutorial You Didn’t Need Have you ever wondered how WWII pilots started their Spitfires? If you did, then you’re in luck. John Romain takes us inside the Spitfire’s cockpit and teaches us how they used to start this beast up. First, they check if the undercarriage is selected to the down position. Elevator trims […] More

Most Feared Fighter Jets By Generations

AmazingViz has compiled a list of the most feared fighter jets by generation. Here are the top 20 most noteworthy jets that caught our attention: 2nd Generation (Swept Wings, Range-Only Radar, Infrared Missiles) F-100 Super Sabre – The Sabre is the first of the Century Series of USAF jet fighters and was the first fighter […] More

5 Unknown Planes Boeing Actually Made

X-51 Waverider The Waverider is Boeing’s unmanned experimental scramjet aircraft designed to reach hypersonic speeds of Mach 5 at 70,000 feet. It measured 25 feet in length and was powered by a Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne SJY61 scramjet engine and an MHM-140 ATACMS rocket booster.  The aircraft performed its first successful flight test on May […] More

How Two Enemy Pilots Became Lifelong Friends

The Purple Heart Corner On December 20, 1943, Lt. Charles Brown of the USAF was in command of the B-17 bomber ‘Ye Olde Pub” when he and his 10-man crew were assigned to a 500-plane bombing mission to attack an airplane factory in Bremen, Germany. They were informed that they might encounter hundreds of German […] More

Most Feared and Deadly Aircraft of Its Time

We’ve all seen our fair share of deadly military aircraft throughout multiple wars. In this video, AmazingViz shows us the most feared and deadly aircraft during its service. Here are the most notable aircraft in every conflict: World War I  1. Fokker E.I Eindekker – The Royal Flying Corps lost 120 planes during the 2nd […] More

Five Fast Facts About The B-24 Liberator

1. The B-24 was developed in 1938 by Consolidated Aircraft  Consolidated Aircraft, a Lockheed Martin legacy company, designed the iconic American heavy bomber. It was called “Model 32” within the company circles and featured a ‘modern’ design with its highly efficient Davis wing. 2. A total of 18,482 Liberators were produced, more than any other […] More

Attacking A Wall of F-15s – The Samurai Air Battle

The Air Battle of Samurra was Iraq’s last offensive before grounding their aircraft during the Gulf War. It featured a showdown between the most iconic Cold War-era jet fighters – the MiG-25 Foxbat and the F-15 Eagle. Evacuation The most notable engagement between these two fighters occurred in 1991 during Operation Desert Storm. By January […] More