How Saburo Sakai Attacked Lyndon B. Johnson’s B-26 Marauder

One Of The Best Japanese Pilots Perhaps one of the most talented Japanese flying aces to have emerged during World War II was Sub-Lieutenant Saburō Sakai. He had claimed a total of 64 aerial victories, but his official record is only at 28. Despite flying an inferior aircraft, Saburō remained a threat to the Allies […] More

5 Fascinating Facts About Erich Hartmann- WWII Fighter Pilot Genius

With the rise of aviation technology, World War II saw some of the best fighter aces and the most intense aerial combats in history. The British’s best fighter ace claimed 38 aerial victories; the US has 40, while the Soviet Union has 62. Amazing as these numbers would seem, none could compare to Germany’s most […] More

The Genius Of Jimmy Doolittle And His Raid

Reeling from the attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States needed to give an answer, and they needed to do it swiftly. Japan had to pay. But Japan was far away and impenetrable. Or was it? In the days following Pearl Harbor, this was the question on President Roosevelt’s mind. It was James “Jimmy” Doolittle […] More