Meet the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet: America’s Answer to Advanced Air Combat

The F/A-18E/F was developed as the US Military’s first all-weather fighter and attack aircraft. It could take on traditional strike applications, including interdiction and close air without compromising its fighter capabilities.  Multi-Role Aircraft In 1999, the plane entered service with the US Navy as a replacement for the F-14 Tomcat. It was highly capable in […] More

When a Tailgunner Sabotaged and Saved a B-17

On July 30th, 1943, a B-17 named Tondelayo is under attack, and in the back is tail gunner Michael L. Arooth. He’s ready as German Me 109s and Fw 190s come in to attack.  Relentless Mike fires away at the mass German fighters. The Germans were relentless. Navigator Elmer Bediner, later on, said, “I fired […] More

The Jet That Fought A Dirty War

The Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star also known as T-Bird is an American subsonic jet trainer. It was the first jet fighter used operationally by the US Army Air Force.  However, some foreign nations would eventually use this seemingly harmless training plane for dark purposes. Its guns would eventually be turned against the US forces in […] More

Why WWII Japanese Aircraft Caught Fire So Easily

Self-sealing fuel tanks are what the Allies and Axis powers adopted to decrease the vulnerability of their aircraft.  In fact, according to a 1948 declassified report, Effectiveness of Incendiary Ammunition Against Aircraft Fuel Tanks, one of the most economical means of destroying enemy aircraft is by setting the enemy’s fuel tank on fire or fuel […] More

The F-15 Silent Eagle: An Upgrade in Stealth and Power

The F-15 Eagle is an all-weather, highly maneuverable, and tactical fighter and has been the backbone of the US Air Force in one of the most potent aerial combat platforms in the world.  The Silent Eagle was to bridge the gap between the traditional 4th generation fighter designs and stealth.  History The new F-15 is […] More

10 Facts About The Flying Pig – F-111 Aardvark

The F-111 wasn’t like just any other aircraft. It was ordered by Robert McNamara himself to build a plane that could fit roles requested by the Navy and Air Force.  Built as a fighter, bomber, and interceptor, the plane pioneered the concept of terrain-following radar, variable-sweep wings, and afterburning turbofan engines that are unique for […] More

A P-51 Mustang Story You Wouldn’t Believe

The P-51 Mustang is one of the best fighters that dominated the skies over Europe in World War II. The only thing that’s more important than this legendary plane is the brave men who flew it. This is a fantastic story of a P-47 and P-51 pilot who flew over 100 missions all over Europe.  […] More

Blacking Out the Sky – The Largest Air Attack of an Entire War

Over 1,400 Allied aircraft were sent to battle to take down the Germans at Saint Michael salient. However, the heavy rain made the terrain muddy, and the thick fog had it hard for the Allies to attack the German trenches.  In retaliation, the Germans charged back with all their might. While the Germans may not know […] More

What made the Vulcan the best V-bomber?

The Avro Vulcan Bomber is one of the most famous British V bombers, well-known for its distinctive howl, delta wing, and with that its use in the Falklands conflict of 1982.  During the war, it went through one of the longest bombing raids of any RAF aircraft flying from Ascension Island. But do you know […] More

About The Navy’s Largest Helicopter [MH-53]

The MH-53 Sea Dragon is one of the world’s biggest military helicopters. With a weight of over 40,000 pounds and spanning 100 feet in length, this thing is considered the King of the Sky.  Here are the ten facts that you need to know about the Navy’s biggest helicopter:  1. It has two primary missions […] More