The 5 Biggest NEVER BUILT Military Aircraft Concepts

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Yakovlev VVP-6

With six giant rotors, this giant Russian helicopter would have been the biggest helicopter on the planet. It was devised to lift SAM missiles to remote parts of the forest to shoot down American spy planes while fully capable of vertical take-offs and landings. 

Its box-like design could have measured 49m long, with launchers mounted on the craft’s upper surface.

Moreover, this would also be a proposed platform as a “Heli-Carrier” for the Yak-38 – fitted with six six-blade rotors on six pylons, each driven by four turboshaft engines that gave it 24 engines in total.

Nuclear 747

Perhaps one of the scariest designs ever – a 747-200 that could carry six ICBM nukes inside its fuselage. Most importantly, it was designed to be able to deploy nukes while it was flying.

To launch missiles, the plane would have to fly to 30,000 ft and travel at a path of 25 degrees before dropping the missiles.

The ICBMs must be loaded through the front cargo door and stacked side-by-side. If a nuke were deployed, the second missile would be brought from the main cargo section using a built-in overhead crane system into the “ready” position at the underside doors aft of the fuselage.

America PAR-WIG

This American Ekranoplan was developed in 1977 as part of a strategic nuclear weapon platform able to move over the water quickly to remote locations before launching its nuclear payload. 

These missiles would have to be fired while the aircraft rested on the ocean surface, not during flight.

It would have been able to strike fast and bring terror to the enemy, who couldn’t find them rising just above the waves. With an intended radius of 2,000 nautical miles and a 10-day loiter out at sea, the PAR-WIG plane was one scary aircraft.

Boeing Pelican ULTRA

The Pelican was designed to solve the cargo problem and allow armies to be transported across oceans in a matter of hours. 

It was significantly larger than existing commercial airliners, freighters, and even military airlifters, able to carry an entire army battalion if necessary.
The Pelican ULTRA was also designed to carry 10 Chinooks on the main deck or 17 M-1 Abrams tanks.

Lockheed CL-1201

This massive plane was supposed to be a flying aircraft carrier – yes, you read that right. It would have been so big it could have launched an entire military branch alone. 

The CL-1201 would have been nuclear-powered with a wingspan of 1,120 ft.

It wasn’t a one-off design, either. An Air Force version was planned, with jets under the wings. There was also an Army version, able to carry more troops than any military cargo plane available today. A stealth version might have been built, but that’s asking for too much already.