Most Feared and Deadly Aircraft of Its Time

We’ve all seen our fair share of deadly military aircraft throughout multiple wars. In this video, AmazingViz shows us the most feared and deadly aircraft during its service. Here are the most notable aircraft in every conflict: World War I  1. Fokker E.I Eindekker – The Royal Flying Corps lost 120 planes during the 2nd […] More

Five Fast Facts About The B-24 Liberator

1. The B-24 was developed in 1938 by Consolidated Aircraft  Consolidated Aircraft, a Lockheed Martin legacy company, designed the iconic American heavy bomber. It was called “Model 32” within the company circles and featured a ‘modern’ design with its highly efficient Davis wing. 2. A total of 18,482 Liberators were produced, more than any other […] More

Attacking A Wall of F-15s – The Samurai Air Battle

The Air Battle of Samurra was Iraq’s last offensive before grounding their aircraft during the Gulf War. It featured a showdown between the most iconic Cold War-era jet fighters – the MiG-25 Foxbat and the F-15 Eagle. Evacuation The most notable engagement between these two fighters occurred in 1991 during Operation Desert Storm. By January […] More

Curtiss P-40 Warhawk – Outdated or Underrated WWII Fighter?

The Specifications Developed from the P-36 Hawk, the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk saw improvements through its use of an inline V-12 Allison engine and improved armament of two .50-cal and four 30-cal machine guns. This would later be upgraded to six .50-cal machine guns with the introduction of the P-40E model. However, the P-40’s streamlined shape […] More

The Story Of The Mysterious Ghost P-40 Of WWII

It was a calm afternoon in Fujian, China, on December 8, 1942. A lookout scanned the skies and spotted an aircraft flying on the horizon, slowly approaching from occupied Taiwan.  Quick Response The lookouts sounded the alarm, and pilots Robert Lee Scott and Johnny Hampshire of the Flying Tigers scrambled toward their P-40s.  Both men […] More

Lost in the Desert | The Tragic Tale of Dennis Copping’s P-40

Reported Missing Flight Sergeant Dennis Copping, a 24-year-old British pilot, was part of the 260 Squadron of the RAF Volunteer Reserves flying the P-40 Kittyhawks.  In June 1942, Copping was tasked to fly one of the P-40s (serial code ET574) on a ferry flight to a neighboring British airbase to have the undercarriage repaired. The […] More

The Only Plane The USAF Has Never Been Able To Kill

Finding A Replacement America’s leading ground-attack aircraft in the early days of the Vietnam War was the A-1 Skyraider. The Skyraider carried a large payload, but its propeller design was already outdated by the 1960s.  In September of 1966, US Air Force Chief of Staff General John McConnell ordered the development of a rugged and […] More

Why Russia’s WW2 Heavy Bomber Failed | Petlyakov Pe-8

The Petlyakov Pe-8 was a Soviet heavy bomber developed during WWII. It was designed by Vladimir Petlyakov in 1939 and was one of the largest aircraft built in the Soviet Union at that time. Despite its size and capabilities, the Pe-8 was plagued by problems, forcing the Soviets to retire the bomber earlier than expected. […] More