The Last Kamikazes – Japanese Attacks After the Surrender

Hirohito, the Emperor of Japan, announced the nation’s surrender on August 15, 1945. But even though Japan was on its knees economically, its islands shelled vehemently, cities bombed to ruins, its merchant fleet largely sunk, and its people starving, many Japanese military officials were still determined to keep the fight going.  In fact, the Japanese […] More

Why did Adolf Hitler Put a Bounty on this B-17 Gunner?

How good do you have to be for Adolf Hitler to put a bounty over your head?  King of Hollywood At first glance, the connection between Adolf Hitler and Clark Gable might appear puzzling. Gable, a prominent actor known for his charismatic on-screen presence, portrayed characters with strong moral compasses that resonated with viewers – […] More

The Deadly Enemy Attack That Ended the F-4’s Superiority

The F-4 Phantom II had gained a fearsome reputation as a highly capable multirole fighter aircraft. It was known for its speed, maneuverability, and advanced weapons systems, making it a formidable asset in the U.S. Air Force and Navy. However, an incident that happened on May 10, 1972, would expose vulnerabilities in the F-4’s design […] More

10 Things You Should Know About The Junkers Ju 87 “Stuka”

The Junkers Ju-87, commonly known as the Stuka, was a German dive-bomber that gained notoriety during World War II for its distinctive design and terrifying precision in ground attacks. Here are ten things you should know about the Stuka: 1. A respected dive-bomber The Ju-87’s most significant feature was its dive-bombing capability. The aircraft could […] More

What If a Single F-22 Time Travelled to Germany During WWI

What would happen if the deadliest fighter aircraft ever built went back in time to participate in the First World War?  Generations Ahead With a thunderous roar, the F-22 would announce its presence above the trenches of war-torn Europe. And with the ability to supercruise without afterburners, the F-22’s supersonic boom would have left hundreds […] More

The Bomber That Made The B-17 Look Small | Douglas XB-19

We’ve all seen our fair share of experimental aircraft, such as the X-36 tailless fighter, the NASA AD-1 oblique wing plane, and the Bell X-1. These planes are all unique in some sort of way, but none of them are known to be as massive as the Douglas XB-19. XBLR (Experimental Bomber Long Range) Developed […] More

The Plane That Could “Crush” The Allies If It “Arrived Earlier”

Even though the Mitsubishi Zero is Japan’s most recognizable plane of WWII, it was not the fastest nor their most powerful aircraft. That distinction belongs to a Japanese floatplane dubbed the Kawanishi N1K2-J Shiden Kai (George). Japan’s Early Plans The Japanese Empire was preparing to strike US military bases in 1941. Engineers from Kawanishi proposed […] More

The Fighter Jet That Was ‘Too Fast’ – The French Leduc 022

Powered by a new engine that the world has never seen, the French Leduc 022 was geared to dominate the skies. Equipped with anti-air missiles and rockets, it would have been the perfect French bomber interceptor in the ‘50s. But today, the 022 is nowhere to be seen. Why is that? Going Back To 1913 […] More

The Engine That Won World War II

Jay Leno believes that the Rolls-Royce Merlin is the greatest piston aircraft engine ever built – and he’s not all talk either. The television host owns several blueprints, books, manuals, and also owns two cars powered by a Merlin. However, what he’s really excited about is the new addition to his garage: a Packard-built Rolls-Royce […] More

The Worst Possible Fate For a B-29 Crew?

During World War II, the B-29 Superfortress was one of the most formidable aircraft in the skies. Capable of carrying a devastating payload, the B-29 was an essential tool in the United States’ effort to defeat Japan.  One of its many pilots was Frederick Allen Stearns, who flew the #42-94098 along with eleven more crewmembers. […] More

Fire Hedgehog – The WW2 Bomber With 88 Guns!

The Soviet Union went to extraordinary lengths to create an effective ground attack aircraft during the Second World War. At that point, they envisioned a warbird capable of doing extreme damage to enemy infantry and vehicle regiments. The Fire Hedgehog In 1944, as the Red Army advanced victoriously toward the West, two weapons designers came […] More