The Rarest World War Two Planes You’ve Never Heard Of

Luke Tomes and Louee Dessent went to the Battle of Britain Airshow with one goal in mind – to find the rarest and most unique aircraft that ever saw service in WWII. Here are the planes they found: 1. Bristol Blenheim The Blenheim was one of Britain’s most used bombers in the earlier stages of […] More

Another 5 Insane German Aircraft Ideas That Never Took Off

1. Lippisch P.13a The P.13a was a coal-powered flying triangle designed to intercept Allied bombers and smash into them – yes, just like the Gotha Rammer. This time, however, its wings were expected to do the damage. Its wings were swept back at 60 degrees with a large singular fin and rudder fitted into where […] More

Five Insane German WWII Aircraft Ideas That Never Took Off

There was no shortage of ideas during WWII. The top minds of every country involved produced a lot of impressive aircraft, but that doesn’t mean they’re incapable of designing something equally as terrible. With that said, here are five insane German aircraft ideas that understandably never took off: 1. Gotha Rammer Starting off the list […] More

The German Plane That Came Up Short

Near the end of WWII, Germany came up with a radically new idea for a fighter plane – one powered by turbojet engines. This new type of technology was almost unheard of and could give them the edge against the Allies – or maybe even turn the tides of war in their favor. Project 1065 […] More

China’s New H-20 Stealth Bomber is Worse Than You Think

China recently confirmed the existence of the Xian H-20, its first-ever long-range strategic stealth bomber. The new warbird is getting a lot of headlines being the world’s second bomber of the type, second only to the United States B-2 stealth bomber. But how did China get this technology in the first place? Is imitation the […] More

The Stealth Fighter Russia is Too Scared to Deploy?

The Soviet Union outlined the requirements for a next-generation fighter in the late 1970s. With the rising need for more advanced weaponry, the nation called for a multifunctional fighter with advanced ground attack capabilities. Two In One Two initiatives were created: the Multifunctional (MFI) and the Light (LFI) Frontline Fighters. Mikoyan began developing its MiG […] More

5 Facts About The Most Massive Helicopter Flown by the US Military

The Sikorsky CH-53K King Stallion is the latest addition to the US military’s heavy-lift helicopter fleet. It entered service just last year and aims to replace the famous CH-53E Super Stallion. Weighing in at 33,000 lbs but designed to lift nearly 14 tons, the King Stallion is a huge improvement from its predecessors. With that said, […] More

The B-47s Fatal Flaw

On paper, the B-47 was the most technologically advanced bomber the Allies possessed at the time. With six powerful jet engines, swept-back wings, and a top speed of 607 mph, the Boeing Stratojet had all the necessary characteristics to become America’s next premiere strategic bomber. However, like any other aircraft, the B-47 had a fatal […] More

The King is Dead: Why the US is retiring the F-22 Raptor

America’s decision to retire its most potent air superiority fighter has been a hot topic since its announcement. While the exact date hasn’t been revealed to the public, one thing is for certain – the Raptor’s days are limited. Here’s why: Unfortunate Start The F-22 came out of the USAF’s Advanced Tactical Fighter Program in […] More

F-16 Fighter Jet: The Sky’s Ultimate Predator

Widely recognized as one of the most successful and versatile jet fighters ever produced, the F-16 Fighting Falcon continues to serve 25 other countries around the world. A testament to the aircraft’s enduring popularity and effectiveness. Still Going Strong  Despite being first introduced in the 1970s, the 4th-generation fighter is still able to keep up […] More

3 Facts About The Attack Helicopter With an Ejection Seat

The Kamov Ka-50, aka the Black Shark, is one of the most unique and versatile rotary-wing aircraft ever produced. Here’s why: 1. Known for its coaxial rotor system Coaxial rotors are mounted on top of each other and turn in opposite directions. The Ka-50’s coaxial contra-rotating rotor system completely removes the need for a tail […] More

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