The Only American Battleship to Somehow Escape Pearl Harbor

YouTube / Dark Seas

USS Nevada was the lead ship of the two Nevada-class battleships. The battleship also served in both World Wars. 

Here’s an interesting take on the only American battleship to somehow escape Pearl Harbor: 

USS Nevada

The ship was the first of a class of two 27,500-ton battleships alongside USS Oklahoma, its sister ship. Both ships were the first ones to adopt the all-or-nothing naval warship armor principle. 

Usually, the most important parts were armored, while leaving other areas little to no armor at all. 

Pearl Harbor

During the attack on Pearl Harbor, Nevada was the only battleship not moored in Ford Island, quickly maneuvering while the crew assumed battle stations. As chaos erupted, the sailors took their anti-aircraft guns to fend off upcoming attacks from the Japanese. 

However, as the ship left the hot zone, a torpedo hit her above the keel. The crew was able to control the flooding of the impact but the fight wasn’t over yet. 

Another Attack 

The second wave of Japanese bombers went straight for her- the Japs intended to sink the ship, and block the channel. Nevada poured in anti-aircraft rounds in all directions. Five bombs had struck the ship, causing fires and holes on her upper and main decks.


Gasoline fires expanded, preventing the damage control teams from stopping the flooding. The surviving crew then led the ship to Ford Island, beaching her near a hospital point to avoid being sunk in the waters. 

Back to Action

After some heroic salvage work, the ship was miraculously re-floated and overhauled to get back into action. The ship went on to participate in Atlantic conveys, before heading to the UK to prepare for Operation Neptune, the Invasion of Normandy. 

The battleship eventually returned to the Pacific, helping with the invasions of Iwo Jima and Okinawa in 1945.