The Super Massive 252 Foot Tall Aircraft Carrier

On November 26. 2022, the Gerald R. Ford-class vessel proved her worth as the most sophisticated carrier in the world after a successful NATO exercise with Allied Nations.  In fact, the Navy wants to replace its Nimitz-class carriers with the Gerald R. Ford class in the following decade and expects it to serve past 2100. […] More

This is America’s Biggest UAV – Meet the RQ-4 GLOBAL HAWK

The RQ-4 GLOBAL HAWK is the US’ biggest unmanned aerial vehicle, and the Air Force’s go-to eye in the sky. It’s a high altitude long endurance and remotely piloted aircraft featuring an integrated sensor suite that gives an all-weather, day or night intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance also known as ISR capability.  Specifications The fuselage uses […] More

$60 Million Fighter Jet Found on the Bottom of the Sea

On July 8, 2022, an F-18 Super Hornet was swept out from the flight deck of USS Harry S. Truman, causing a 60-million-dollar aircraft to sink at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.  A Rare Incident On July 8, 2022, a strange incident happened. An F-18 Super Hornet was blown away from the USS Harry […] More

The Plane Built for Hitler to Escape? – BV 238

The BV 238 flying transport floatplane was the biggest aircraft built by the Axis power during World War II and also was the heaviest up to 1944.  Concerned that Adolf Hitler and other high-ranking Nazi officials can leave the country before they can be captured, the Allied leaders are set on destroying the plane that […] More

Unleashing the Beast of the Pacific

On June 19, 1944, when the First Battle of the Philippine Sea was raging on, Lieutenant Alex Vraciu aboard his Grumman F6F Hellcat, spotted a formation of Japanese dive bombers bound for a carrier. He intercepted three hostile formations at full speed, tearing them with his six .50-caliber machine guns, and one by one, they […] More

The Terrifying Demolition Man of WW2

In 1940, Robert Jean Marie de La Rochefoucauld fed France to escape the Gestapo forces. He would then come back three years later, becoming a lethal French resistance operative trained by the British to do sabotage and reconnaissance missions on enemy territory, and would become the greatest French saboteur.  Escaping France After France fell in […] More

Brewster Buffalo | WW2’s “Worst” Aircraft Wasn’t All Bad

  The Brewster Buffalo is known to be one of the worst, if not the worst aircraft used in World War II.  While the Buffalo had its drawbacks, it was also the victim of poor timing, company mismanagement, and the air staff’s obsession to put as many extras into it. Origins The Buffalo’s origins can […] More

The REAL reasons America lost dogfights over Vietnam

With advanced new fighters being introduced, it seems clear that the US is moving further away from dogfighting platforms, doubling down on beyond-visual range engagements. But for many, it feels like Déjà vu. After all, didn’t the Americans already learn this lesson in Vietnam?  A Thing of the Past America prizes air superiority in its […] More

The plane with a propeller at each end – Dornier 335

The Dornier 335 was a heavy fighter built for Germany during the Second World War. Today, we’ll be exploring the story of the quickest aircraft the Nazis have ever built: Origins Claude Dornier was a German aircraft designer and engineer known for his unusual taste in aircraft designs. While he gained fame with his more […] More

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