65th Fighter Wing Gun Cam

Rare Aerial Footage In this clip, we get to see the 5th fighter wing gun camera footage. We have to say, this footage is absolutely amazing. Glad that someone placed cameras there back in the day, and we hope we get to see more of these old archives. There must of millions of wing cameras […] More

Soviet Flying Aircraft Carriers Concept

In August 1941, three lumbering Soviet bombers headed toward Nazi-occupied territory. But these were no ordinary bombers though- they were flying aircraft carriers that were designed to enter enemy lines to deploy a swarm of fighter planes and dive bombers.  Nothing like it had ever been seen before. These massive juggernauts are about to make […] More

Germany’s Failed UFO in WWII

During the Battle of Britain, although destroying 7 aircraft, Nazi ace and engineer, Walter Horten was still unhappy. Lesser talented pilots under his command were being taken down by the dreaded British Spitfire.  Futuristic Fighter It was at this moment that Horton decided to create a futuristic fighter that he had been dreaming of since […] More

US Navy’s Dilemma: The New Osprey is Too Good!

With the US Navy replacing the C-2A Grayhounds, the main aircraft in charge of making urgent deliveries to aircraft carriers anywhere around the world. Although it had a long career with the US Navy since the 1960s, it’s now being replaced with the CMV-22 Osprey.  Perfect Replacement? Can the Osprey do everything that the C-2 […] More

Why The SU-57 ‘Felon’ Sucks

Despite having a sleek design and impressive maneuverability, the SU-57 Felon is a rather underwhelming fifth-generation fighter. Here’s why: The SU57’s Shortfall Although a great-looking plane with decent maneuverability and speed – with an interesting noise to boot, the aircraft is still inadequate when it comes to modern air-to-air combat.  How Does it Compare?  The […] More

The Insane Pilot who Nursed his Mosquito home

On February 21, 1944, Squadron leader Arthur Oxlade and navigator Lt. Donald Shanks of the 464 Squadron, prepared to take off on what turned out to be an almost impossible mission.  Their plane was the De Havilland Mosquito, Mark IV with tail number mm-401. This wasn’t your ordinary Mosquito though, as it’s been fitted with […] More

Modern X-PLANES: The Future of Airpower

A group of advanced and experimental aircraft known as the X Planes are quietly maturing toward changing the way we incorporate aviation technology. Developed by a combination of Defense Department insiders and America’s leading aerospace contractors, these X planes provide an exciting glimpse into the future of air power.  History X Planes have always been […] More

The Most Massive WW2 Plane of Its Kind

During WWII, there was a remarkable aircraft that defied the odds, the formidable Japanese Kawanishi H8K. The H8K became the most massive and fearsome flying boat striking terror to the Allies.  However, the true genius behind his aeronautical marvel is its staggering range. This feature was pushed to its limit in March 1942 when these […] More

Why is the future Anglo-Japanese fighter gonna be bigger than the F-22?

Global Combat Air Program (GCAP) is the not-so-catchy name of the Anglo-Japanese future generation jet fighter to roll out in the mid-2030s. Although the name is new, the plane’s legacy stems from its long-winding development efforts- Japan for its F-X efforts, the UK for its Systems Tempest effort, and Italy.  New Fighter For a decade […] More

The Planes You’ve Probably Never Seen Before

The Century Series project is a way of thinking about research, development, manufacturing, and airplanes in service. The shapes of these planes are also instantly recognizable.  Learn more about the final entries of the Century Series, the F-105, F-106, and the elusive F-107. The Republic F-105 Thunderchief This plane was an internal Republic Aviation project […] More

Why the Air Force is Screaming to Retire the A-10 Warthog

The US Air Force plans to retire the old A-10 Warthog attack jet within the next 5 years.  However, there’s only one problem – there isn’t a dedicated close air support platform to replace it yet, making pilots worry that troops on the ground won’t be getting the air support they need in the next […] More

The Plane with the Most Insane Cannons of WW2

The Westland Whirlwind is a highly capable twin-engine heavy fighter and also one of the fastest combat aircraft when it first took the skies. Apart from that, it was also the most heavily armed fighter in the world.  This was all thanks to one of the most insane cannons – the Hispano-Suiza HS.404. Four Hispano-Suiza […] More

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