Why Everyone Feared The “Flying Pencil” | Dornier Do 17

The Dornier Do 17 is an aircraft that was nicknamed after its looks, often called the Flying Pencil because of its slim fuselage and tail.  It would eventually earn a reputation of being an excellent low-altitude, high-speed, strike aircraft, not quite something you’d immediately link with a twin-engine bomber of this period.  First Appearance This […] More

F-16: The First Fighter Jet Designed to be UNSTABLE

The F-16 was an aircraft that was designed to be unstable. But why would the USAF intentionally design and build a fighter jet like this? The Harsh Truth During the Vietnam War, the US realized that their fighter jets couldn’t win dogfights. American fighter jets were either too big, too heavy, or not too agile.  […] More

Why the Hellcat Dominated the Zero at the Battle of the Philippine Sea

During the battle of the Philippine Sea, the United States Grumman Hellcat was able to dominate was used to be the most feared aircraft in the Pacific- Imperial Japan’s Mitsubishi Zero.  No Match The US emerged victorious during the Battle of Midway but realized that their best fighter carrier to combat the Zero- the F4F […] More

The Unloved Pacific Hero | Grumman F4F Wildcat

During the first year of the war of the Pacific between the United States and Japan, there was just one fighter in the US Navy’s arsenal that could even hope of going toe-to-toe with the Mitsubishi A6m Zero and that is the Grumman F4F Wildcat. At that time, it was the best carrier fighter the […] More

10 Things We Learned About The H-4 Hercules

The Hercules is a massive cargo sea boat built towards the end of World War II by the Hughes Aircraft Company.  Here are ten interesting things that you need to know about the behemoth of a plane: 1. It’s huge by 2022 standards, let alone in the 1940s The Hercules was a massive unit. It […] More

World War II Pilot Tells a Brutal True Story

Ed McNeff was a P-51 Mustang pilot in the 355th Fighter Group in 1944 and 1945. This video walks you through two particularly challenging missions with his wingmen, and a run with skilled German Ace, Heinz Bar. 355th Fighter Group In March 1944, a couple of months before the Allied invasion of Normandy, Ed McNeff […] More

The Only World War II Gunner Buried in His Aircraft

Loyce Deen was a TBF Avenger Torpedo Bomber gunner that was killed in action. Here’s the story behind the only Navy airman in history to be buried at sea inside his plane.  Sent to the Front In the spring of 1944, Loyce Deen had recently passed gunnery training and had been sent to the front […] More

When 1 Pilot Fought 64 Japanese Planes

On December 13, 1943, 2nd Lt Philip R. Adair was flying Lullubelle, his beloved P-40, over the skies of Assam when he sees from a distance what looks like a flight of 4 planes. When he goes around to take a closer look, a force of 60 planes of both bombers and fighters are headed […] More

The Tiny Hunter of Soviet Nuclear Submarines

During the early 1960s, recent developments in submarine technology have open a new front in the global nuclear standoff situation. Back then, Americans could easily detect Soviet silos and launch sites, intercepting any attempts. Supersonic interceptor fighters were also on standby, stopping the enemy from reaching population centers.  However, nuclear-armed fission-reactor-powered submarines could wander in the […] More

The Secret Airplane that Could Lob Giant 86,000-Pound Missiles

In the fall of 1974, the Space and Missile Systems Organization did an air-launched ballistic missile test. The only plane that could carry the giant 86,000 pound-missiles was the recently unveiled Lockheed C-5 Galaxy. It was able to drop it from 20,000 feet over the Pacific, and this impressive piece of engineering continues to serve […] More

What Happened To Ring Wing Planes?

This plane is unique in the sense that its wings are round. More specifically, the wings form a circle all the way around the fuselage- a closed wing or more accurately, a ring wing around the plane.  Why did this ring-wing plane didn’t fly, why we never built it, and what happened to the concept?  […] More