10 Most Insane Air Show Stunts

YouTube / lucaas

In this post, we’ll feature ten of the craziest air show moments- planes nearly stalling, accidents such as wing strikes, and even an airshow guest stealing a plane. Here are the ten most insane air show stunts: 

10. Boeing 777x doing a dangerously steep takeoff

YouTube / lucaas

As seen in the video, take-offs such as that aren’t usually possible with passengers. However, this stunt was still done at the 2022 Farnborough Air Show. 

9. A Free Ride?

YouTube / lucaas

This guest in an airshow got a free ride on a plane. When the pilot got out, the guest stole the plane and was not very good at flying as you can see in the video footage. 

This was staged, but whoever was flying this plane did a good job acting, making the entire scenario believable to the crowd watching.

8. An Airbus A319 flying really close to another plane 

YouTube / lucaas

Taken in an airshow in Slovakia, this A380 was taking off in a dangerously steep climb. 

It was close the first time they did it. But it was even closer the second time around!

7. Going a little too fast

YouTube / lucaas

This F-16 in Paris went a little too fast in an airshow. As a result, it almost broke the sound barrier!

6. A Steep Approach

YouTube / lucaas

Another footage shows a C-17 making a steep approach before perfectly nailing the landing during an air show.

5. Dump and Burn

YouTube / lucaas

In the footage, we get to see an F-111 shooting huge flames which is also known as the dump-and-burn maneuver. 

This was set in an airshow in Australia, and the last ever dump and burn display in the world. 

4. Flying Too Low Over San Francisco

YouTube / lucaas

This massive 747 made multiple low passes over the bay. Simply mindblowing!

3. On the Run

YouTube / lucaas

At the 6:56 mark, we get to see one fighter jet being chased by another fighter jet. This is known as a dogfight and in the video, we get to see that the jet being chased is deploying flares to avoid getting shot by missiles. 

This was taken in an air show in Sweden, so luckily, the pilots here weren’t actually fighting. 

2. Steep Takeoff and Turn 

YouTube / lucaas

At the 7:45 mark, we see a Boeing 777x making a steep takeoff and then making a couple of steep turns. This was taken at an airshow in Dubai.

1. Point and Shoot

YouTube / lucaas

Finally, we get to see these two jets flying together while deploying their flares!

What do you think of these crazy air stunts? Do you think they’re worth it? Let us know in the comments!