The Polish-Built Hero Of Eastern Europe

The PZL.24. is a fairly underrepresented Polish aircraft during the Second World War. It would be the last of a long, rich lineage of Polish-designed fighter aircraft. Design Modifications Further modifications to the design were explored by PZL as late as 1939, with a planned K variant carrying four 20 mm cannons, and an L […] More

The WW2 Super Fighter With Monster Firepower

At the height of the war, the Japanese sought to develop one last aircraft that could bring the war in their favor against the Allies.  Enter the Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate. Considered the finest Japanese fighters ever built, it completely took the USAF by surprise.  The Gale A single-seat fighter, the Hayate (Japanese for Gale,) was […] More

The Helicopter That Will Crush the Black Hawk?

  The United States military has been known to push its helicopters to the very brink of their usability. For instance, the Black Hawk has significantly surpassed its operating lifetime.  But the war against China caused US authorities to evaluate what they have, and they set on an ambitious project set to replace the current […] More

When 3 Aces Fought Germany’s Super Pilot

On June 3, 1942, in the deserts of Libya, 9 P40-B Tomahawk Fighters from the South African Air Force 5th Squadron are rushing to the aid of the French defenders that are being bombed in a fort. It’s a star-studded flight with flying aces in its midst- Cecil Golding, Robin Pare, and Louis Botha. Out […] More

Mil V-12 – Soviet rotorcraft titan

The Mil V-12 is a heavy transport helicopter built in the USSR during the late 1960s. It was the biggest helicopter in the world and was created to carry Russian missiles to remote forest locations, away from the US’ eyes. Primary Purpose While the V-12 may look like an experimental aircraft, it has a primary […] More

The Plane Japan Thought was About to Drop a Third Atomic Bomb

Saburō Sakai is one of Imperial Japan’s legendary pilots, with over 60 successful hits under his name. But at this point, for Sakai, it didn’t mean anything- with two atomic bombs dropped in mainland Japan and losing an eye, he felt all his efforts were in vain. Two days after the ceasefire, a group of […] More

The Most Insanely Armed Incredibly Smoking Aircraft Carrier

Admiral Kuznetsov was an aircraft carrier that served as the flagship of the Russian Navy. Her development was hindered when the Soviet Union was dissolved, even forced to sail for thousands of miles even before it finished. The Soviets, at this point, didn’t have the means to keep her in optimal conditions. When the USSR […] More

The World War II Ace Found Still in His Cockpit After 24 Years

This is a story about a famed German ace who was lost after a legendary dogfight with no trace of his whereabouts. Then, 24 years later, an incredible story of how he could eventually be found still in the cockpit of his fighter.  Deadly Pilot Heinrich Bathurst was one of the many deadly pilots that […] More

Was this the most advanced Russian jet? – Yak 141

Today, we’ll be talking about an aircraft that probably inspired Lockheed and American engineers when they were designing the vertical F-35 and its significant impact on Russian aviation- the Yak 141. In Need of a Real Fighter In the 1980s, Russian aviation was so far behind the US that their Navy was easily decimated in […] More

The Drone That Was Banned From War

There’s no denying that the introduction of drones in modern combat has significantly altered the landscape of war.  However, you’ll be surprised that no drone is as feared as the DI Mavic- this tiny commercial drone has managed to outshine even the most advanced drones in the world. It was also crucial to the mission […] More

Under-Appreciated BRITISH Tech From WW2

You probably know the famous British planes from World War II. Still, less is known about the British technology that helped them win the war.  Here are some of the underappreciated technology from WWII: Water Injections Initially figured out in Britain by Sir Harry Ricardo, the biggest contributions from water injection were seen in US […] More

The Crashed WWII Plane Hidden In A Coral Reef

During World War II, approximately 200 Allied planes crashed in North Australia, and up to this day, some are still missing, their whereabouts unknown, along with the crew that died in these crashes.  Australian marine explorer Ben Cropp and his team have come across at least one of its warbirds. They’ve found a sunken wing […] More