A close look at the F6F Hellcat’s air intake systems

YouTube / Air Zoo

A Closer Look

This footage features the Air Zoo Museum’s F6F Hellcat, a carrier-based plane from WWII. This aircraft is powered by a Pratt and Whitney 200-10W, an 18-cylinder air-cooled radio engine. It also has a single-speed mainstage supercharger, as well as a two-speed secondary supercharger.

We also get a closer look at the plane’s air intake systems. At the front of the plane, you can see three air inlets just below the engine. Two of them are identical at five and seven o’clock positions, as well as one large opening.

YouTube / Air Zoo

Overall, this is a very informative video that provides a wonderful explanation of how it works. There’s no doubt that the intake system of WWII planes is a real feat of engineering.

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