B-25 Gunship – A Tank Gun In The Sky

YouTube / Dark Skies

Featuring a potent 75 mm M4 tank gun, high quality machine guns, rockets, and a 3,000-pound bomb load capacity, the B-25 Model G is definitely a powerful gunship to be reckoned with. 

Dawn of Bombers 

In the dawn of bombers, the US Air Corps had the B-25G Mitchell Gunship. It was built to sink Japanese ships, and interrupt the Japanese Empire’s supply lines, the gunship would undergo several modifications in its armament, making it one of the most popular Pacific War bomber. 

The US’ Most Heavily Armed Plane

By the war draws to a close, the B-25 gunship was one of the most heavily armed planes in the US. It had a defensive armament of up to fourteen 0.50 cal machine guns. 

Better Than the Mustang?

When interviewed by Autor Stephan Wilkinson, veteran pilot Jim Harley said that the B25 was “rock stable, painfully easy during takeoff, an one of the most stable platforms in the landing configuration of any airplane I’ve ever flown, other than maybe the Mustang.”

Combat History

The B-25C version was shipped to Great Britain, China, Canada and Russia. The British RAF and Canadian Air Force used the planes to attack supply lines and oil depots in the French German border. 

Meanwhile, the USSR used different variants from the early days of the siege of Stalingrad up to the end of the war. 

The Commerce Destroyer

Later variants, the B25H and B25J were equipped with up to 14.50 caliber machine guns. This moving castle is impregnable, unable to be to be flanked from any side. 

Pilots then began calling the B25 gunship the “commerce destroyers” as the North, South, East, and West were entirely covered with machine guns, raining everywhere.