Unleashing A Stealth Bomber on Random Soldiers In The Desert

YouTube / Dark Skies

More than 90 Islamic State terrorists stationed in a Libyan training camp were doing their business as usual when dozens of explosions hit the base. 

They were attacked by the B2 Stealth Bomber, America’s most lethal aircraft, and it only took three of these planes to create complete chaos. 

Top Secret Takeoff

A group of around 100 militants established two camps in southwest Sirte to regroup and counterattack. 

This made them open for targets for American strikes and President Obama decided to get rid of the enemy once and for all in the most expensive way possible- employing B2 Stealth Bombers. 

A Long, Silent Journey

Preparations were carried out in extreme secrecy. On the night of January 18, three B-2s took off for Libya for a 330-hour-long journey. 

Discreet Bombing

B2 pilots began approaching enemy camps from an altitude of 35,000 feet at 480 miles per hour. Once there, the three aircraft opened their bomb bays unleashing hell from above. 

Bombs Away!

The first B2 dropped 62 out of his 80 bombs while another released 23. There was no way out for the ISIS militants. Those who survived were immediately followed by reaper drones looking for squirters. None survived the attack, and it was all over in less than five minutes. 

Sending a Message

The mission had been a success. Journalists questioned the US Defense Secretary about using the most expensive bombers ever fielded by the USAF to destroy an enemy that could be eliminated by less costly means.

Other intelligence sources claimed that the US acted this way to send a strategic message to its adversaries such as China and Russia.