The Drone That Was Banned From War

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There’s no denying that the introduction of drones in modern combat has significantly altered the landscape of war. 

However, you’ll be surprised that no drone is as feared as the DI Mavic- this tiny commercial drone has managed to outshine even the most advanced drones in the world. It was also crucial to the mission of troops on the ground. 

Innovative Solution

Was the Russo-Ukrainian war went from an active phase to a stalemate of trench warfare and heavy artillery duels, the missing piece for the Ukrainian military was information on the battlefield. 

Their innovative solution? Something that you can get from Best Buy for cheap- is the DJI Mavic. 

Simple Commercial Drones

The primary use of these commercial drones on the battlefield isn’t their firing power, but their reconnaissance. It’s cheap, easy to use, and can be used in a lot of recon tasks. 


Regardless of its size, Mavic proved its reliability in serious military operations. On May 12, 2022, when the Russians tried to cross the Siverskyi-Donets River in the Donbas region, the Ukrainians asked a drone operator to help pre-adjust the trajectory shells for this location. 

When the Russians deployed pontoon bridges and started crosses, Ukrainian artillery fired a volley of shells and destroyed the entire unit. 

Rewriting the Rules of Ground Warfare

The Mavic stepped in and rewrite the rules of ground warfare, making both sides change their tactics in waging war. This is the first-ever drone warfare between two countries. 

Militaries from across the world will use this experience to create reliable, and efficient drones for reconnaissance and lethal purposes changing the rules of war forever. 


Because of the key role this drone is playing in this war, DJI is mad about it. On April 2022, DJI Technology suspended its business in Russia and Ukraine to stop the use of its products in combat.