Douglas A-1 Skyraider In The Movies

Youtube / Johnny Johnson

Did You Notice?

You gotta love the A-1 Skyraider. You know, the A-10 Warthog’s father? Some might say the P-47 Thunderbolt is the A-10’s grandfather. All incredibly good CAS aircraft.

The A-1 Skyraider is a single-seat, propeller-driven attack aircraft used by the United States during the Korean War and the Vietnam War. It was designed to carry heavy weapons loads and had an excellent loiter time, making it a versatile and effective aircraft for ground support missions. With a top speed of 320 mph, it was able to operate at low altitude with excellent maneuverability.


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The Skyraider could carry bombs, rockets, and a variety of other munitions, making it a potent weapon against enemy targets. It remained in service with the United States Navy until 1968 and was also used by several other countries.

But did you notice the Skyraider in movies? We found a video that shows which movie you could catch a glimpse of one and maybe you’ve watched some of these and didn’t even notice!

  • We Were Soldiers
  • Flight of the Intruder
  • Rescue Dawn
  • The Bridges at Toko-Ri
  • Tunnel Rats
  • Men of the Fighting Lady
  • Going Back
  • Little Dieter Needs to Fly

Check out this video by Youtube account “Johnny Johnson” where he points out more details about the Skyraider in these movies. It’s actually pretty interesting.