Douglas A-1 Skyraider In The Movies

Did You Notice? You gotta love the A-1 Skyraider. You know, the A-10 Warthog’s father? Some might say the P-47 Thunderbolt is the A-10’s grandfather. All incredibly good CAS aircraft. The A-1 Skyraider is a single-seat, propeller-driven attack aircraft used by the United States during the Korean War and the Vietnam War. It was designed […] More

Up Close F4U Corsair Startup

That’s A Startup! Now that’s a startup! Today we bring you a video we found on TikTok from the account gandytiktokhangar and it’s a doozy. There’s nothing like a good ‘ol Corsair startup but even better when it’s this close! Arguably the best WWII plane, at least in the Pacific Theatre, the F4U Corsair is […] More

10 Reasons The “Wasps” Were Important To WWII Victory

There were pioneers even before women could fly combat missions to Afghanistan and Iraq. They’re known as the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs) of WWII. Their central role was to fly fighter planes from factories to Air Force bases and tow and test new aircraft for the United States Air Force.  Here are the reasons […] More

Grumman Hellcat- 5 Reasons Why It Was The Unsung Hero of the Pacific

The Grumman Hellcat is a carrier-based fighter aircraft that became one of the most legendary fighters in World War II history.  This well-designed carrier fighter was designed to take down Japan’s daunting Mitsubishi A6M Zero. It’s powered by a 2,000 hp Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp, yet it still resembled the earlier Wildcat in […] More

10 Reasons The Lancaster Was The Hero of the RAF

The Lancaster, also known as the Avro Lancaster, played a significant role in the defeat of Nazi Germany. It was Britain’s heavy bombing offensive. It could fly with the greatest number of sorties and deliver a greater tonnage of bombs than any other aircraft.  Here are the ten reasons why Lancaster become the hero of […] More

10 Legendary Facts About The B-52 Bomber

The Boeing B-52 Stratofortress is an American long-range, heavy strategic bomber capable of dropping and launching nuclear bombs, missiles, and guided precision weapons. It was first designed by the Boeing company in 1948 for the United States air force.  While this plane may seem like an old relic from the past, here are ten excellent […] More

Animation Shows Exactly How a P-51 Mustang Works

The North American Aviation P-51 Mustang is a single-seat fighter and fighter-bomber that was originally designed for the Royal Air Force, but used during World War II for the U.S. armed forces against Germany and the Korean War. YouTube channel Animagraffs made a 3D animation of the P-15 and took an in-depth look inside the […] More

US $320 Million Fully Loaded B-1 Lancer Takes off at Full Afterburner

The YouTube channel The Daily Aviation uploaded a video that features a $320 million fully loaded B-1B Lancer taking off in full afterburner. After numerous design changes and financial constraints since its conception in 1963, the B-1B Lancer was first delivered in 1989. According to the video, the Advanced Manned Precision Strike System (AMPSS) began […] More

A6M Zero taken down by a pair of F4U Corsairs in 1945

A recent video uploaded on YouTube titled “A6M Zero taken down by a pair of F4U Corsairs in 1945” The channel collects archive footages of various experiments, mostly projectile related, as well as military history and technology and weapon trials. The two classic aircraft, A6M and F4U, that was shown on the video got mixed […] More

WWII Pilot Paul Tibbet Signed Photo on Pawn Stars

On the season 9 of reality series Pawn Stars, a signed photo from the famous World War II pilot Paul Tibbet was up for sale. A man named Jeff wanted to sell a photo of Enola Gay and the crew members which has a signature of Tibbet. He said he bought it from a state […] More

Peter Frampton Black Sheep Squadron Scene

English and American rock musician Peter Frampton, known for bands Humble Pie and the Herd had an appearance in the American television series Baa Baa Black Sheep later syndicated as Black Sheep Squadron. In the finale episode “A Little Bit of England” which aired April 6, 1978, Frampton played a fictional character Peter Buckley who […] More

Brilliant DH Mosquito Cockpit Tour

The YouTube channel Classic Aircraft Photography uploaded a video showing the DH Mosquito TE910-NZ2336 cockpit also called as the Mossie. The Mosquito is a British twin-engined, shoulder-winged, mid-wing bomber aircraft that was adapted to become the prime night fighter of the Allies during World War II. It’s best known for its speed not guns. It […] More

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