Battle Of Britain: 3 Disadvantages Of The Legendary Spitfire

The Supermarine Spitfire’s rough path to perfection In the documentary Battle of Britain: Pilot’s Stories, David Denchfield of the Royal Air Force 610 Squadron was asked about the legendary British aircraft Spitfire. With every bit of nostalgia, he replied: “I took off, and it was bloody marvelous, you thought you’ve been flying it all your […] More

How Saburo Sakai Attacked Lyndon B. Johnson’s B-26 Marauder

One Of The Best Japanese Pilots Perhaps one of the most talented Japanese flying aces to have emerged during World War II was Sub-Lieutenant Saburō Sakai. He had claimed a total of 64 aerial victories, but his official record is only at 28. Despite flying an inferior aircraft, Saburō remained a threat to the Allies […] More

8 Reasons the B-25 Mitchell Was the Best Medium Bomber of WWII

The North American B-25 Mitchell is an American twin-engine, medium bomber designed and produced by the North American Aviation (NAA). The aircraft is named in honor of Major General William “Billy” Mitchell, making the B-25 the only US military aircraft named after a specific person. Although used in all theaters of the war, the B-25 […] More

3 Major Weaknesses of the B-24 Liberator

B-24 Weaknesses The Consolidated B-24 Liberator is one of the most famous heavy bombers of World War II. Alongside the B-29 Superfortress and the B-17 Flying Fortress, the Liberator gained a distinguished war record during its service in the European, Pacific, African, and Middle Eastern theaters. The B-24’s longer range and higher bomb load capacity […] More

10 Spitfire Facts You Must Know If You’re A Warbird Fanatic

There’s no argument that the Supermarine Spitfire is one, if not the most iconic plane of World War II. It is loved both by veterans and enthusiasts alike. But how much do you know about this legendary fighter? Here are fascinating facts about the iconic plane that saved the Allies during the Battle of Britain. […] More

5 Things Wrong With The Movie ‘Dunkirk’- Did You Spot Them?

If you love watching movies depicting the tragic events of World War II, then you might have already seen Dunkirk. Directed by the renowned Christopher Nolan, the movie Dunkirk was praised and received well by critics and viewers alike. Based on the true story of Operation Dynamo, Nolan portrays the horrific events of the Dunkirk […] More

5 Fascinating Facts About Erich Hartmann- WWII Fighter Pilot Genius

With the rise of aviation technology, World War II saw some of the best fighter aces and the most intense aerial combats in history. The British’s best fighter ace claimed 38 aerial victories; the US has 40, while the Soviet Union has 62. Amazing as these numbers would seem, none could compare to Germany’s most […] More

5 Reasons The B-24 Liberator Was One of the Best WWII Bombers

During World War II, the United States of America produced only three types of four-engined long-range bombers in any numbers. These were the B-29 Super Fortress, the B-17 Flying Fortress, and the B-24 Liberator. Although being the most produced bomber, the B-24 Liberator was somewhat unpopular compared to its contemporaries. However, this does not invalidate […] More

6 Facts About The Star of “Baa Baa Black Sheep” TV Series

Would “Baa Baa Black Sheep” (Black Sheep Squadron) be the same without Robert Conrad? Often times successful TV shows is a concoction of story, production, and casting. Without all of them lining up, sometimes it’s just not the same. Here we take a look at the star of the show: Robert Conrad, who’s still alive […] More

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