5 Common Misconceptions About The A6M Zero

The Zero was a menacing war machine that toyed and destroyed the clunky Allied fighters on the onset of the Second World War. The Zeke’s unbeatable maneuverability and blazing speed were undoubtedly big factors in the swift destruction of Pearl Harbor.  One year after the attack, the USAAF issued in  Intelligence Summary No. 85, which […] More

If You Think That The B-29’s Final Mission In Japan Was Nagasaki, You’re Wrong

Just 3 days after the B-29 Enola Gay dropped the Little Boy over Hiroshima, the Bockscar followed suit and unleashed the more powerful Fat Man that killed 35,000 people. The atomic bombings are still widely believed to be World War II’s final blow. However, the Japanese were only keen to offer a conditional surrender. Without any negotiations having been conducted, the Twentieth Air Force launched […] More

The “Butcher Bird”: How the FW-190 Earned Its Fearsome Name

This Underappreciated Fighter was a Bomber, Support Aircraft, Reconnaissance Plane, and Night Fighter All Rolled Into One Deadly Machine. The Focke Wulf W-190 – together with the Messerschmitt Bf 109 – are inarguably the two German Warbirds that made the Luftwaffe Fighter Force a menacing presence in the skies during the war. The untested war […] More

The Maneuver Wildcats Used To Shoot Down Zeros Effectively

Also called the Beam Defense Position, we take a look at the  aerial tactic that prevented the Japanese from “making any attack without seeing the nose of the American planes pointed at them.” Who thought that matchsticks would play a huge role in devising a tactic to neutralize the A6M Zero’s unprecedented speed and maneuverability? Well, […] More

5 Facts About The TBF Avenger: Endgame of The Douglas Devastator

Upon its introduction in 1935, the TBD Devastator was widely considered the first modern torpedo bomber in the world. Then came the Avenger. It was a huge departure from the traditional bomber design because it was the first monoplane with hydraulic folding wings, and it was the US Navy’s first all-metal aircraft. But the Devastator’s […] More

The Statistics That Kept Countless Allied Fighter Planes In The Sky

Turns out, the secret to improving the odds of returning aircraft was not additional armor on the most damaged parts. During the war, The United States commissioned a select group of mathematicians which came to be known as the Statistical Research Group.  They worked around the clock in developing ballistic tables, patterns, and computational devices […] More

3 Reasons Why the Bf 109 Was Way Too Slow Compared To The P51

There’s nothing sweeter than a marriage between than American design philosophy and British Engineering. We can all agree to this: The Mustang was the finest mass-produced, piston fighter of the Second World War. The Mustang P51 and the Spitfire Mark IX were simultaneously baptized in a disastrous Allied loss during the botched Dieppe raid of […] More

Why The Fearsome A6M Zero Was Really A Tiger With A Glass Jaw

One of the war’s deadliest fighter planes was just too good for its own good. Kaizen is a  philosophy that encourages continuous and incremental improvement, which is probably why the Japanese are the most orderly and disciplined people in the world. Unfortunately, Japanese engineering did not catch up with the Kaizen way of life during the fast-paced production […] More

How The Luftwaffe Obliterated 30 British Aircraft In 1 Night

How the scarcity of night fighters led to Wilde Sau – a new tactic that helped in the Luftwaffe defense of Cologne and in the destruction of 30 British Aircraft in a single night. When World War II rolled around, the principles of aerial combat that were first formulated during the First World War proved to be […] More