Former WWII Enemies Meet For First Time

Once Enemies, Now Buddies It was many decades ago when these men were young, fighting out of a foxhole against each other in the brutal Pacific theatre during WWII in the Battle of Peleliu in 1944. Now, some decades later, they meet face to face where they both fought for their lives in their youth. […] More

D-Day Veteran Meets Long-Lost French Love

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder You know how people often say that absence makes the heart grow fonder? Well what you’re about to read will make you believe in it 100%. It was in 1944 when 25-year old K.T. Robbins met Jeannine Ganaye in a town in France. Then-18 year old Ganaye was his […] More

WWII Vet Walked Granddaughter Down Aisle And Passed 2 Days Later

This is probably the most bittersweet story about a World War II veteran we’ve heard in ages. Bronislaw ‘Grom” Karwowski walked his granddaughter down the aisle at the end of this August despite his ailments and poor health. Two days later, he passed away after performing his final service to someone else. Mr. Karwowski’s life […] More

9 Best German And Russian WWII Planes

Iconic Aircraft Out Of Europe It’s always going to be tricky when it comes down to selecting what are the best World War 2 aircraft, and there’s probably going to be some debate on this article, or actually this video here. It’s no secret that the Germans created some of the best airplanes of World […] More

Avenger Crash Lands In Sea During Air Show Cocoa Beach

Pretty tense moments during an air show in Cocoa Beach, Florida as a WWII TBF Avenger was forced to make an emergency landing on the beach. The scary part is that there were actually people in the water when this plane went down, but it looks like the pilot did a great job trying to […] More

P-51 Makes Daring Crash Landing

It’s got to be absolutely terrifying to be in a situation where you have to make a crash landing.  Even more so, in the beautiful P 51 Mustang. That’s what we found here within this video clip, alongside with some other cool stuff. We found a Youtube channel Chopperguy and have to say, we love […] More

Tom Cruise’s P-51 Mustang Startup and Take Off

If you’ve got millions of dollars to spare, what better way than to have your own P-51 Mustang? Well, that was Tom Cruise’s aircraft of choice when it comes to old warbirds and we can’t blame him! We know Brad Pitt has a spitfire, and that was a great choice too. This beautiful Mustang was […] More

Nothing But Corsair Flybys and Low Passes- NO Music

Brought to you by the epic WingsTV Channel, here is a compilation of nothing but Corsair flybys, baby! The Corsair was one of the best fighter aircraft of all WWII and served mainly in the Pacific Theatre. One of the things that came to mind while watching this clip was the old show “Black Sheep […] More

Hawker Sea Fury Start-Up

The aircraft came in a little late in the game, but nonetheless it served as the Royal Navy’s last prop fighter. With under 900 ever built, the plane served mainly in the Korean War and Cuba. The design revolved around naval warfare, meaning it was capable of taking off from and landing on aircraft carriers. […] More