Wooden Radial Engine Cranked To High Speed

High RPM Wooden Radial This video is brought to you by Ian Jimmerson, a guy who has built a beautiful wooden radial engine. We’ve seen his other videos before, and are completely fascinated by the work he has done. In this video he demonstrates turning up the wooden radial engine to a high RPM. How […] More

A-10 Warthog Lands With No Canopy and Gears Up

You Just Can’t Doubt It There’s a reason why this aircraft can’t quit. The Warthog has been battle-proven and by far the toughest aircraft built. It take a ton of punishment and still make it home. There are many stories of this. That’s why it’s so hard to get rid of it, and we’re glad […] More

Vietnam Pilot and Skyraider Reunited After 50 Years

There’s something special when a pilot is reunited with their aircraft…especially when they served during war. There’s a special connection. The plane depended on you, and you depended on it. A bond and trust through the dangers of missions and battle. 230 missions, hit by 37mm shell in gun barrel Tony Wiley was a SAR […] More

WWII Corsair Pilot Gets Big Surprise For 100th Birthday

Reunited And Feels Good John H. Tashijian got a very special treat when he was able to once again ride in the actual Corsair he flew back in WWII. He flew Corsairs in combat in1944 in the Gilbert and Marshall Islands during the war. The Marine Major got the special treat for his 100th birthday. […] More

Volunteers Repair Damaged Home For World War II Veteran

The Community Came Through For This American Hero World War II veteran Charles Adderley had been living in Miami for almost fifty years. He was in the Invasion of Normandy, and he bought his Miami home shortly after returning home from the war. Nearly five decades later, it badly needed repairs such as a new […] More

The Tiny Dog Who Became a World War II Hero

WW2’s Smallest Hero Meet Smoky – a tiny but feisty Yorkshire Terrier who did so much during World War II. She weighed only 4 pounds and stood 7 inches, and yet, she became famous as the smallest hero in WWII. An American soldier found Smoky in an abandoned foxhole in the New Guinea jungle. She […] More

Women Played A Special Role As Pilots During WWII

Meet The WASP During World War II, the United States experienced a shortage in pilots. Aircraft rolled off the production line on a daily basis, and the country needed pilots to take the military planes to the air bases. Pioneering aviator Jacqueline Cochran proposed a rather ambitious idea to address the shortage problem — she […] More