1/3 Scale “Bally Bomber” Spotted At Airshow- Takes to the Skies

Youtube / AirshowStuffVideos

Bally Bomber Lives On

In a recent video uploaded by AirShowStuffVideos , you can see the amazing “Bally Bomber” take off as well as many other legendary warbirds. Jack Bally spent about 18 years and about 40,000 hours building this 1/3 replica of the famous B-17 Flying Fortress. Unfortunately, Bally passed away not too long ago, but his legacy lives on.

It’s an amazing feat what this man has accomplished, by paying tribute to the greatest U.S. bomber during WWII. And now it is still being flown as seen in this short video of an airshow at Oshkosh.

May you rest in peace, Jack!

Skip ahead to 2:50 to see takeoff: