Merlin V12 Car Shows Off Raw Power For Spectators

Ever wonder how the Rolls-Royce Merlin lived through time? This British liquid-cooled V-12 piston aero engine was initially known as the PV-12. In 1933, it first ran as a private venture. Later on, it was called Merlin and completed its first production in 1936. Merlin was one of the most successful aircraft engines of the […] More

XP-82 Twin Mustang Takes To The Skies

After more than a decade of labor and a lot of money spent on the restoration of the XP-82 Twin Mustang, it finally took its first flight at the 2019 EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. The master aircraft restorer Tom Reilly was responsible for the amusement brought by the aircraft. A lot of people thought they would […] More

Rare Inside Look of the B-36J Peacemaker

It’s not all that often you get to see the inside of an aircraft like this. The B36J Peacemaker was a very large prop bomber that came in from about 1949- 1959. It was made by Convair and had the largest wingspan of any other aircraft ever created. It had a huge range, and 4 […] More

P-47 Thunderbolt Test Fires All Guns

The Thunderbolt has to be one of the most beloved aircraft of World War Two and for good reason. It was tough and it had tons of firepower. It was also a big aircraft and was shaped like a milk jug, that’s why I got the nickname the jug. In this clip we found you […] More

Pearl Harbor Movie- What They Got Wrong

A Lot Yes, today marks the anniversary of the attacks on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese empire on December 7th 1941. And of course, as you might have seen the movie Pearl Harbor, you may have noticed some things that were off. A lot of people who are World War II history buffs can point […] More

Pearl Harbor Scene From Tora! Tora! Tora!

Regarded as one of the best World War Two movies, particularly about Pearl Harbor, of all time will you found the scene from Tora Tora Tora in which Japan strikes the US in the December 7th 1941 attack which got the US started in the war. The film was released in 1970 and was produced […] More

WASP Goes For A Ride In P-51

WASP. It has been a long time sinceĀ Florence “Shutsy” Reynolds has flown in a P-51 Mustang. She one of the 1,074 members Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) who flew military aircraft for the United States during WWII. At the AirVenture Airshow in Oshkosh, Wisconsin Shutsy was given the opportunity of a lifetime to be reunited […] More

Wooden Radial Engine Cranked To High Speed

High RPM Wooden Radial This video is brought to you by Ian Jimmerson, a guy who has built a beautiful wooden radial engine. We’ve seen his other videos before, and are completely fascinated by the work he has done. In this video he demonstrates turning up the wooden radial engine to a high RPM. How […] More

Vietnam Pilot and Skyraider Reunited After 50 Years

There’s something special when a pilot is reunited with their aircraft…especially when they served during war. There’s a special connection. The plane depended on you, and you depended on it. A bond and trust through the dangers of missions and battle. 230 missions, hit by 37mm shell in gun barrel Tony Wiley was a SAR […] More

WWII Corsair Pilot Gets Big Surprise For 100th Birthday

Reunited And Feels Good John H. Tashijian got a very special treat when he was able to once again ride in the actual Corsair he flew back in WWII. He flew Corsairs in combat in1944 in the Gilbert and Marshall Islands during the war. The Marine Major got the special treat for his 100th birthday. […] More