5 Facts About Britain’s First Great Fighter Jet

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The Hawker Hunter was a plane at the forefront of military aviation- it was a groundbreaking plane that paved the way for the development of many advanced fighter jets. 

1. It’s an icon of military aviation

From its first flight in 1951 to its continued service in at least one global air force today, the British-made Hawker Hunter has been an icon of military aviation for seven decades. 

Nearly 2,000 planes were produced and made an indelible impact in the skies for every Air Force they served. 

2. It was a massive technological innovation

It was a true record breaker, going alongside the MiG-15, F-16, and F-22 as one of the most famous jet fighters in history.

3. The ultimate version of the Hawker Hunter was the F-6

The plane first entered service in 1956, and would eventually become the pride of the Royal Air Force. 

It was a significant improvement to the overall capacities of the previous versions. It became the base design of the Hawker Hunter throughout its service life. 

4. The F-6 could fly at the top speed of 715 miles per hour

It had a service ceiling of 50,000 feet and could make the climb in under three minutes with a climb rate of nearly 300 feet per second. 

5. Although the Hunter served well in ground attack roles, it rarely served its intended purpose

That is its inceptor role with the Royal Air Force and by the time hostilities picked up again, it was already replaced as a fighter aircraft by the English Electric Lightning.