LOUD TBM Avengers Night Engine Run Up and Wall of Fire – TBM Avenger Reunion 2023

YouTube / AirshowStuffVideos

Power, Noise, and Flames

This video features Seven TBM/TBF Avenger torpedo bombers from World War II running up their engines at the 2023 TBM Avenger Reunion and Salute to Veterans Airshow in Peru, Illinois. It is said that the even Wright R-2600 Cyclone engines together can produce almost 12,000 horsepower.

This is probably one of the best symphonies of radials we’ve heard so far. Absolutely gave us chills. There’s no better sound than of that of a radial engine, and the noise must have shaken the ground. There’s no doubt that those planes are a pure work of engineering.

The show wraps up with a wall of fire pyro blast at the end. What a great way to end a show!