B-25J and C-49J At South Plains Airshow

YouTube / Stephen Rister

Beautiful Birds!

This video features the B-25J “Devil Dog” and C-49J (C-47) “Southern Cross,” taken on June 10, 2023, at the Texas Air Museum’s South Plains Airshow. Got to say that the sound of those engines is music to our ears!

The B-25J “Devil Dog” was built in early 1945. Currently, there is a volunteer squadron called Devil Dog Squadron that’s dedicated to flying, maintaining, and preserving the WWII bomber. Meanwhile, the Douglas C-49 was the designation given to 138 Wright Cyclone-powered DC-3s impressed by the USAAF after America entered WWII. It’s worth noting that while it has the same aircraft as the C-47, it has actually different engines that’s why it’s called C-49.

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