How this Cheap but Genius Invention Made the F-15 Most Feared in Dogfight

YouTube / Fluctus

Most Beautiful Fighters of All Time

First flown in 1972, the F-15 Eagle is touted as an all-weather, highly maneuverable tactical fighter aircraft. Its thrust-to-weight ratio allows the plane to accelerate quickly and turn tightly without losing airspeed. 

But since its inception in the 1970s, the plane’s design has evolved, the modern F-17e for instance is equipped to fly and fight in the dark at night. This is in part because of a flight control system that has an automatic terrain following for low altitude, high-speed penetration. 

The F-15s have dominated the skies for 50 years and counting. Whether taking part in a mock dogfight or putting their life on the line in war, pilots can trust the power, maneuverability, and survivability of this awesome plane.