Why The SU-57 ‘Felon’ Sucks

YouTube / Kaboda

Despite having a sleek design and impressive maneuverability, the SU-57 Felon is a rather underwhelming fifth-generation fighter. Here’s why:

The SU57’s Shortfall

Although a great-looking plane with decent maneuverability and speed – with an interesting noise to boot, the aircraft is still inadequate when it comes to modern air-to-air combat. 

YouTube / Kaboda

How Does it Compare? 

The F-35, in comparison, claimed to have a frontal radar cross-section of 0.0001 m2 with its advanced fiber matte radar absorbent material. In comparison, the SU-57 has a radar cross-section of 0.1 to 1 m2. 

This means that it had a 1,000 times worse radar cross-section than the F-35. In fact, it had a similar radar cross-section not to other stealth fighters, but to fourth gen fighters. 

YouTube / Kaboda

Greatly Outmatched

The Felon would be greatly outmatched in engagements with the F-35 and F-22, unable to confidently ensure dominance against other Western fourth-generation fighters. 

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Why Is It So Bad

When it comes to stealth, for a stealth fighter, the SU-57 is underwhelming. But why? Issues of the plane come down to several things. It falls short in areas like stealth capabilities, limited production numbers, and outdated systems.

The Hard Truth

The Su-57 is nearly a generation behind the F-35 which significantly outperforms it in every important metric in modern aerial combat, by seeing it first, hitting it first, without even showing up to the SU-57 visually. 

YouTube / Kaboda

Thus, the F-57 fails as a stealth fighter, and in the modern world, the Felon is nothing but a target.