The Mission that Knocked Out an Entire US Air Force and Was Still Worth It  

Over 376 B-17 Flying Fortresses were tasked to pierce the industrial heart of Germany and take down the Luftwaffe’s manufacturing capabilities. Squadrons of P-47 Thunderbolts were asked to escort the bombers, but German Messerschmitt Bf 109s swarmed them.   By then, the Thunderbolts have also reached their fuel limit, and they were forced to abandon the […] More

A10 Warthog Upgrade That Shocked Everyone

In service since 1976, the Warthogs have a stellar career that spans up to 50 years. Thanks to its long line of upgrades, it’s not retiring anytime soon. Lethal in an Ever-Evolving Battlefield To remain lethal, the A-10 was upgraded to the brute metal-raining attack aircraft of the 2000s that shouldn’t be messed with. It […] More

The Insane Engineering of the F-35

The F-35B is arguably one of the most advanced planes ever made. It’s considered a jack of all trades, a stealth fighter plane that combined and improved the capabilities of the F-16, AV-8B Harrier, and the B-2.  Advanced Sensors and Computer Systems The plane is fitted with advanced sensors and computer systems, sharing information instantly […] More

Why Are Modern Fighter Jets Slower Than 1960s?

Have you ever wondered why an F-4 Phantom is somehow faster than the F-35? For reference, the Phantom can fly 450 mph faster than the US’ latest fighter jet. Fighter jets haven’t gotten faster in the past 50 years, and here’s why. When Intuition Meets Reality The Vietnam War went on for twenty years. During […] More

B-25 Gunship – A Tank Gun In The Sky

Featuring a potent 75 mm M4 tank gun, high quality machine guns, rockets, and a 3,000-pound bomb load capacity, the B-25 Model G is definitely a powerful gunship to be reckoned with.  Dawn of Bombers  In the dawn of bombers, the US Air Corps had the B-25G Mitchell Gunship. It was built to sink Japanese […] More

The Best Fighter Jet Never Built

A program was built in the 1970s to develop a unique model that could confront the MiGs without using any technology that could be compromised if it falls into the wrong hands.  Thus, a light fighter, the Northrop F-20 Tigershark was born, meeting all the requirements. However, while it was one of the best fighters […] More

5 Facts About The Polish A-10 Killer

The Polish A-10 is a combat aircraft that’s possibly the most overkill 90’s jet ever designed.  Here are five interesting facts about this awesome fighter jet: 1. It wasn’t American or Russian built, but unexpectedly Polish When you think of Aerospace Titans at the end of the Cold War, Poland would be far down your […] More

When A German Ace Tried To Taunt A P-47

On the 6th of June 1943, three squadrons of P-47C Thunderbolts are flying across enemy-occupied France, and at the rear of the formation is 2nd Lieutenant Robert S. Johnson. However, the next thing he knew, he was badly hit.  Danger Ahead When Johnson looks up, he saw coming down from above them are 16 Focke-Wulf […] More

Curtiss A-12 Shrike – From Innovative to Quickly Obsolete

Once considered an innovative aircraft quickly turned into an obsolete plane in just half a decade. The A-12 Shrike peaked way too early and was already considered a liability before the start of the Second World War. Structurally Innovative – (X)A-8 Model 59, as it was called, was the first Curtiss with an all-metal low-wing […] More

Why Modern Submarines Have Round Noses

Prior to the Cold War, most submarines had a somewhat pointed bow. That’s because most submarines were more like boats as they spent more time on the surface. Older submarines needed fresh air intake for their diesel engines to work. Turning Point Launched in 1954, USS Nautilus became the first nuclear-powered submarine in the world. […] More

3 Design Flaws Of The B-24

Obviously, the B-24 is a highly regarded aircraft and was a tremendous help to the Allies in WWII. However, having a distinguished war record doesn’t mean you don’t have flaws. Davis Wing The attribute that gave the Liberator its strength is also its weakness. Its wings allowed for a high cruise speed, heavy bomb load, […] More

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