The Haunting Final Words of a German Ace Pilot

In the brutal air war in Europe in WWII, a famous German ace died in a bold and unforgettable death after saying an absolutely iconic, and haunting final words.  Beginnings When the war began in 1939, the young Heinrich Ehrler was serving anti-aircraft artillery for Germany. But shortly after, he joined the Luftwaffe fought against […] More

The Ground Attacker That Couldn’t Attack

Do you know that there’s a Soviet aircraft that actually couldn’t attack? The Soviet-made Ilyushin Il-40 is a post-World War II-around attack plane that has a unique double-barrel look. What’s also unique about it is that it couldn’t use the weaponry it had. An Aircraft Desperately Needed The story of this double-barrel shotgun with wings […] More

The Most Underrated Aircraft of WWII

The Bell P-63 Kingcobra is an American fighter aircraft that was based on its predecessor, the Bell P-39 Airacobra.  However, weeks before its completion, North American introduced its newest P-51 Mustang variation, with a Rolls Royce Merlin engine inside its hull. Still, the Kingcobra’s influence is far from over.  Let’s walk you through the most […] More

The Strange Airplane Designed For A Very Specific Task

The Grumman S-2 Tracker was the very first plane that was specifically designed for anti-submarine warfare.  Although it had a relatively conventional design, it was armed with impressive firepower, entering service with the US Navy in the early 1950s. Two for One The aircraft was developed in 1952, replacing the hunter/killer aircraft in anti-submarine warfare […] More

Why Some Think The Arado Ar 196 Was The Best Floatplane of WWII

As a naval reconnaissance plane, the Arado is often overshadowed by more aggressive planes that fought numerous aerial battles during WWII.  However, it still fulfilled an important role, even coming to be known as the “eyes of the Kriegsmarine.” Design Origins The Ar 196 was designed to replace the now obsolete Ar 95. With a […] More

5 Things You Should Know About The Russian Su-25 Frogfoot

Although the Soviets wanted a plane with an ever greater performance during the Cold War, they also developed the “Su-25”, known to NATO as the “Frogfoot.” Here are the five things that you need to know about this iconic plane:  1. Unlike the other jets in the era that are supersonic, this aircraft was subsonic […] More

10 Things About The Bomber That No Fighter Could Catch

The Hawker Hart is considered one of the most successful Hawker aircraft during the interwar years. It is a British two-seater biplane light bomber that served the Royal Air Force (RAF.) Here are ten interesting things that you need to know about this legendary plane:  1. It was the outcome of specification 12-26, issued back […] More

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The Unlikely WWII Hero Made Of Wood

Manufactured by the de Havilland Aircraft Company in the UK, the aircraft was a light bomber used by the Royal Air Force during World War II.  It was considered the fastest aircraft in the world during that time and was helpful to the British War. It eventually earned the nickname The Wooden Wonder due to […] More

WWII Triple Ace Answers Why They Beat The Luftwaffe

Triple Ace Pilot Col. Clarence “Bud” Anderson flew the P-51 Mustang Crow while he was assigned to the 357th Fighter Group “Yoxford Boys,” 8th Air Force. Bud eventually became the top ace of the 363rd Fight Squadron with 16 1/4 victories. In 2017, Bud was awarded Air Force Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award and was inducted into the EAA […] More

The Story of Joe Peterburs – The P-51 Ace That Fought Germany

Joe Peterburs is a retired Air Force Colonel, and a veteran of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.  He was trained on P-40s, and was part of the 20th Fighter Group, 55th Fighter Squadron, flying P-51s, escorting B-17s, and defending against German fighter attacks. He was able to fly 49 missions, and approximately 269 combat hours.  Twist […] More

Defending London In A Spitfire | WW2: I Was There

Since he was a young boy, Allan Scott dreamed of flying- he wanted to become a pilot. When the war hit years later in 1939, he saw it as a fulfillment of his childhood dream. Although his application was initially rejected, it didn’t deter him. He was eventually chosen to become a fighter pilot, and […] More

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