10 Facts About The Rotating-Tail Stuka: Junkers Ju 187

The German-designed Junkers Ju 187 was a dive bomber that was designed to replace the Ju 87 Stuka. This would be replacement has a unique design feature- a rotating tail. However, this never came to fruition as it was canceled in 1943. Here are the ten interesting facts about the Junkers Ju 187:  1. The […] More

The Bizarre Airplane Design That Shook Up Aviation

During the 1960s, developing a double delta wing aircraft was seen more as an unproven technology, and seen as a rather ambitious project. Because of its unstable design, the double delta configuration encountered issues.  However, little did the Swedish know that they would discover a new maneuver- the Cobra.  Here’s how the Saab 35 became […] More

The Toughest Fighter of World War II

On January 25, 1943, Joe Foss, a fighter pilot from the Marine Fighting Squadron 121, had just spotted a formation of over 100 Japanese bombers and Zeroes approaching the island of Guadalcanal.  Foss immediately knew that he was outgunned and outnumbered, with only 12 men under his command. Aboard his Grumman F4F Wildcat, a more […] More

The Most Technologically Advanced and Menacing Plane Ever Built by the US

In 2009, approximately 35 years without getting a strategic bomber, the US Air Force built the Long Range Strike Bomber program to build the most technologically advanced bomber.  This ambitious program took almost a decade, and the new stealth bomber was finally unveiled in December 2022.  Long Range Strike Bomber Program In 2009, the United […] More

10 Facts About The Yak-15 – The First Soviet jet fighter

First built by the Yakovlev Design Bureau during the mid-1940s, the Yak-15 is the first jet combat aircraft that was adopted by the USSR Air Force. Its history is a striking example of the era of the birth of jet aviation, demonstrating the time of learning about little-known technology, encountering endless difficulties, and just basically […] More

One Way Flights Into Hell – German Glider Operations Berlin 1945

On April 1945, the Luftwaffe, desperate to resupply trapped German forces in Berlin, created operations using gliders to fly supplies. These were one-way missions for unfortunate pilots. Dire Situation At this point, Berlin’s resupply situation was dire, and the defenders needed regular resupply of ammunition and other supplies to maintain their defense until help arrived […] More

1 Tiger Tank vs 50 T-34s – A True Story

During an engagement in the Battle of Kursk in 1943, one Tiger tank singlehandedly took down 50 Soviet T-34s in an unforgettable battle.  The Battle of Kursk The Battle of Kursk was supposedly a battle that would change Germany’s fortunes on the Eastern Front.  Both sides threw everything at each other in a struggle, but […] More

The Drone That Was Banned From War

There’s no denying that the introduction of drones in modern combat has significantly altered the landscape of war.  However, you’ll be surprised that no drone is as feared as the DI Mavic- this tiny commercial drone has managed to outshine even the most advanced drones in the world. It was also crucial to the mission […] More

What Was The REAL Impact Of The P-51 Mustang On The Luftwaffe?

From the Caliban Rising Channel, Phil Hawes discusses his thoughts on how significant the Mustang was on the ETO and whether its arrival revolutionized the air battle against the Luftwaffe. The P-51 Mustang The Mustang is considered one of the greatest fighters of its generation. This long-range fighter and fighter bomber dominated the skies during […] More

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