5 Things You Never Knew About the Japanese Zero

The Mitsubishi A6M Zero was a Japanese long-range carrier-based fighter. It was deployed in combat from 1940-1945. During its years in service, the aircraft achieved an outstanding kill ratio and unprecedented dominance in air combat.   However, there are still some fascinating and relatively unknown facts you never knew about this incredibly nimble and quick fighter […] More

5 Facts About The Outcast Kingcobra P-63

The Bell P- Kingcobra is a US fighter aircraft in WWII. This single-seat, single-engine fighter aircraft found more success overseas than home, mostly with Soviet pilots during WWII.  Here are the 5 facts about the outcast Kingcobra P-63:  1. It’s based directly on the P-39 Airacobra The aircraft was an excellent improvement to the P-39 […] More

Guy Builds A HUGE F4u Corsair

The Vought F4U is a legendary American fighter aircraft that served during World War II. It entered service in late 1944. In fact, the Japanese consider it one of the most formidable planes in the war because its naval aviators achieved a feat of an 11:1 kill ratio.  Planes have been fascinating for many aviation […] More

5 Facts About The American Spitfire: Curtiss XP-46 “Kittihawk”

While getting a large order for P-40s in 1939, Curtiss didn’t rest their laurels. Instead, they proposed a new model fighter. They modeled the new aircraft based on the cutting-edge European fighters at that time, such as the Spitfire.  Here are five interesting facts that you need to know about the American Spitfire- the Curtiss […] More

10 Facts About the AC-130 Gunship That Makes It a Monster

The AC-130 is a guardian angel to its allies, but to its enemies, it’s an angel of death. Here are the ten facts about the AC-130 gunship that makes it a monster: 1. It’s the Air Force’s premier close air support platform Thirty-eight feet tall, with a 133-foot wingspan, this heavyweight aircraft is tough to […] More

Top 10 WWII Movies- Do You Agree With This List?

D-Day marked the beginning and the end of World War II. Over the years, filmmakers created films that captured history’s darkest chapters. Here are the top 10 World War II movies ever made: 10. Downfall aka “Der Untergang” (2004) The movie follows the final 10 days of Adolf Hitler’s life. He and his Nazi army […] More

10 Facts About the C-17 That Make It So Glorious

The C-17 Globemaster III is one of the most versatile cargo planes in the US Airforce. It usually can do strategic and tactical airlift missions, transporting cargo and troops from all over the world. Its additional missions also involve airdrop duties and medical evacuation.  Here are the ten facts about the C-17 that make it […] More

These Guys Take P-61 RC Black Widow Up in the Air For First Time

The P-61 Black Widow was the United States Army Force’s fighter aircraft during World War II. The plane was designed as a night fighter- it was designed to destroy enemy aircraft at night or during bad weather, which is possible with its onboard radar. It fought in the European, Mediterranean, China, Burma, India, and Mediterranean […] More

Top 10 Vietnam War Movies Ranked

Are you looking for the best Vietnam War movies? Look no further! Here are the ten best films that show the horrors of the war yet portray it realistically and honestly:  10. Casualties of War (1989) With outstanding performances from Michael J. Fox and Sean Penn, the movie is a gripping examination of heavily caught […] More

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