A P-51 Mustang Story You Won’t Believe

The P-51 Mustang is one of the fighters that won the skies over Europe in World War II. The only thing that’s more important than this legendary plane are the brave men who flew it. This is an amazing story of a P-47 and P-51 pilot that flew over 100 missions all over Europe.  New […] More

Blacking Out the Sky – The Largest Air Attack of an Entire War

Over 1,400 Allied aircraft were sent to battle to take down the Germans at Saint Michael salient. However, the heavy rain made the terrain muddy, and the thick fog had it hard for the Allies to attack the German trenches.  In retaliation, the Germans charged back with all their might. While the Germans may not know […] More

What made the Vulcan the best V-bomber?

The Avro Vulcan Bomber is one of the most famous British V bombers, well-known for its distinctive howl, delta wing, and with that its use in the Falklands conflict of 1982.  During the war, it went through one of the longest bombing raids of any RAF aircraft flying from Ascension Island. But do you know […] More

About The Navy’s Largest Helicopter [MH-53]

The MH-53 Sea Dragon is one of the world’s biggest military helicopters. With a weight of over 40,000 pounds and spanning 100 feet in length, this thing is considered the King of the Sky.  Here are the ten facts that you need to know about the Navy’s biggest helicopter:  1. It has two primary missions […] More

The Most Dangerous Pilot America Ever Faced

During the 1970s, during the Vietnam War, US intelligence picked up an incredibly skillful pilot named Colonel Tomb, one of the best pilots of the Vietnamese Air Force. Some said he was responsible for downing 14 American aircraft and earning him ace status.  Stories about this most dangerous pilot America has ever faced spread far […] More

Destroying An Entire Air Force With A Box

It was December 27, 1992, Lieutenant Colonel Gary North didn’t want the Iraqis to pass the no-fly zone on the Kuwait border. The area was called “The Box, “a restricted area implemented by the UN to protect Iraqi civilians and neighboring Kuwait from the abuses of Saddam Hussein. As North led his squadron, he was […] More

Flight 90 – The Plane That Accidentally Flew Into Space

The North American X-15 rocket-powered aircraft project was widely known for bridging the gap between human-crewed flight within and beyond the bounds of the Earth.  Its most recognizable mission was flight number 90, a test flight done by the Air force and NASA. A Hypersonic Rocket Plane In the 1950’s NASA’s predecessor, the national advisory […] More

The Monster Plane The US Never Saw Before

In 1967, during one of the tensest periods of the Cold War, a US satellite captured images of a giant object that was approximately 325 feet long.  Initially, the US thought it was some kind of rig or platform, but further surveillance shows that it was a Soviet aircraft unlike anything seen in the West.  […] More

Ramming a Naval Base to Trap U-Boats Inside

It was the summer of 1914 and Europe was deeply engulfed in war. The German Empire, with a secure foothold on the Belgian coast, could easily deploy U-boats and destroyers across the English channel bypassing the Royal Grand Fleet in the North Sea.  After years of debate, the Royal Navy then decided to launch an […] More

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