Nimble, Sleek, But Almost Useless? – The Story of the Canadian CF-5

The Canadian CF-5 Freedom Fighter is Canada’s first multi-role fighter. It was also the last of the long line of military aircraft to be built in Canada.  Design  A removable refueling probe was added to the right side of the plane’s cockpit, allowing it to extend its range using tanker aircraft. A two-position nose gear […] More

How this Cheap but Genius Invention Made the F-15 Most Feared in Dogfight

Most Beautiful Fighters of All Time First flown in 1972, the F-15 Eagle is touted as an all-weather, highly maneuverable tactical fighter aircraft. Its thrust-to-weight ratio allows the plane to accelerate quickly and turn tightly without losing airspeed.  But since its inception in the 1970s, the plane’s design has evolved, the modern F-17e for instance […] More

F-4 Phantom High Speed Pass

The McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II is arguably one of the best Cold War jet fighters, making it one of the most fearsome multi-role aircraft. It can fly at Mach 2.2, and deliver a whooping 18000lbs of ordnance on its enemies. In this video, we get to see the F4 Phantom doing a high-speed pass […] More

B-25J and C-49J At South Plains Airshow

Beautiful Birds! This video features the B-25J “Devil Dog” and C-49J (C-47) “Southern Cross,” taken on June 10, 2023, at the Texas Air Museum’s South Plains Airshow. Got to say that the sound of those engines is music to our ears! The B-25J “Devil Dog” was built in early 1945. Currently, there is a volunteer […] More

The P-47 Thunderbolt’s Controversial Ancestor – Seversky P-35

The Seversky P-35 was an American fighter aircraft built during the late 1930s. It was the first single-seater fighter of the US Army Air Corps that features an all-metal construction, retractable landing gear, as well as an enclosed cockpit.  Design Origins The Seversky P-35 can trace its origins back to the Seb-3 which was the […] More

3 Things We Learned About The Tomcat

Curator Matthew Burchette and F-14 pilot Lt. Richard “Spud” Webb is here to talk to us about the F-14 Tomcat. Here are the three most interesting things they said about the famous jet fighter: 1. Cannon Ammo Workaround Its M61A1 Vulcan can fire 100 rounds per second, the perfect weapon of destruction for the F-14 […] More

Did Australia invent the world’s best fighter jet?

The year is 1955, and the fastest fighter jet in the world would have been Australian.  This delta wing fuel-burning plane can see in the dark using advanced radar, fly at Mach 1.5 for an extensive range and blow anything in the sky with its full machine guns. However, this reality would never happen- Australia’s […] More

Thursday Warbird Arrivals – TBM Avenger Reunion 2023

In this video, we get to see a number of warbirds arriving at this year’s TBM Avenger Reunion and Salute to Veterans airshow in Peru, IL. We get to see classics such as the Piper PA-38 Tomahawk, and the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk. Plus, the engine sound at the 5:43 mark was truly impeccable.  Personally, the plane for us […] More

Sunday Warbird Departures – TBM Avenger Reunion 2023

Absolutely Gorgeous Warplanes This footage features a number of impressive warbirds departing from home following the 2023 TBM Avenger Reunion and Salute to Veterans Airshow in Peru, Illinois. This is definitely one of the most low-key, yet impressive events held this year. Entrance is free, the venue’s rarely crowded, and some of the most awesome […] More

F-18 Super Hornet Demo – Battle Creek Airshow 2022

Impressive Demo In this video, we get to witness the performance by the US Navy F/A-18F Super Hornet (Rhino) Demonstration Team during the Sunday show at the 2022 Battle Creek Airshow and Balloon Festival in Battle Creek, Michigan. It was flown for the honor of Shockwave Jet Truck driver Chris Darnell. The Rhino is a […] More

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