Is This The Last Russian MiG?

While meant to be the renaissance of Soviet fighters, the MiG-29 ended up being the worst fourth-generation fighter. After a lengthy development, its successor was all this jet needed to be. It was developed to be a multi-purpose fighter with an array of weaponry and electronics that can “go head to head” with whatever the […] More

The Reason Why We Didn’t Get The Super Tomcat-21

At the start of the 1950s, the US Navy was looking for an interceptor that could defend carrier battle groups against the threat of air-to-surface missiles from Soviet bombers and submarines. The Navy wanted a plane with a more powerful radar and longer-range missiles than the F-4 Phantom II.  Origins The Navy awarded a contract […] More

What F-16s will do for Ukraine (and what they won’t)

Ukraine is finally getting F-16s to help in its efforts against the ongoing Russian invasion. While this is a massive advantage for Ukraine, it’s important to understand what these highly capable jets can (and can’t do) and how this will change the fight for Ukraine’s independence.  Analysis Regardless of the type, F-16s will be a […] More

What If The B-70 Was A Passenger Plane?

The North American XB70 Valkyrie is considered one of the most beautiful bombers ever built to fly faster than any other bomber plane, delivering American-style justice.  However, in today’s world, super-fast nuclear bombers aren’t needed anymore. So what if we turn this into a passenger plane?  A Proposal  In the 1960s, North American Aviation sat […] More

5 Facts About The Northrop P-61 Black Widow – The First Night Flyer

The P-61 fighter plane produced by Northrop, nicknamed “Black Widow,” was a formidable presence in the skies. However, its history is equally fascinating. Here are five interesting facts about the P-61 Black Widow: 1. The plane would have boasted an impressive eight-hour loiter time The P-61 could patrol the skies above a city like London […] More

65th Fighter Wing Gun Cam

Rare Aerial Footage In this clip, we get to see the 65th Fighter Wing’s gun camera footage. We have to say, this footage is absolutely amazing. Glad that someone placed cameras there back in the day, and we hope we get to see more of these old archives. There must of millions of wing cameras […] More

Soviet Flying Aircraft Carriers Concept

In August 1941, three lumbering Soviet bombers headed toward German-occupied territory. But these were no ordinary bombers – they were flying aircraft carriers designed to enter enemy lines to deploy a swarm of fighter planes and dive bombers.  Nothing like it had ever been seen before. These massive juggernauts are about to make history as […] More

Germany’s Failed UFO in WWII

During the Battle of Britain, although destroying 7 aircraft, Nazi ace and engineer, Walter Horten was still unhappy. Lesser talented pilots under his command were being taken down by the dreaded British Spitfire.  Futuristic Fighter It was at this moment that Horton decided to create a futuristic fighter that he had been dreaming of since […] More

US Navy’s Dilemma: The New Osprey is Too Good!

Although the C-2A Greyhound had a long career with the US Navy since the 1960s, it’s now being replaced with the CMV-22 Osprey.  Perfect Replacement? Can the Osprey do everything that the C-2 is doing right now? Absolutely, it can do so much more. It’s a tiltrotor that can take off and land like a […] More

Why The SU-57 ‘Felon’ Sucks

Despite having a sleek design and impressive maneuverability, the SU-57 Felon is a rather underwhelming fifth-generation fighter. Here’s why: The SU57’s Shortfall Although a great-looking plane with decent maneuverability and speed – with an interesting noise to boot, the aircraft is still inadequate when it comes to modern air-to-air combat.  How Does it Compare?  The […] More

The Insane Pilot who Nursed his Mosquito home

On February 21, 1944, Squadron leader Arthur Oxlade and navigator Lt. Donald Shanks of the 464 Squadron, prepared to take off on what turned out to be an almost impossible mission.  Their plane was the De Havilland Mosquito, Mark IV with tail number mm-401. This wasn’t your ordinary Mosquito though, as it’s been fitted with […] More

Modern X-PLANES: The Future of Airpower

A group of advanced and experimental aircraft known as the X Planes are quietly maturing toward changing the way we incorporate aviation technology. Developed by a combination of Defense Department insiders and America’s leading aerospace contractors, these X planes provide an exciting glimpse into the future of air power.  History X Planes have always been […] More

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