7 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Top Gun

Top Gun was one of the most popular flying films of all time. Top Gun: Maverick, the much-awaited sequel to the 1986 classic, was also breaking box office records.  Still, here are seven things you (Probably) didn’t know about Top Gun: 7. Because the movie was shot in the 80s, they couldn’t rely on digital effects to […] More

Ace in a Day – The True Story of Chuck Yeager

Chuck Yeager was a record-setting test pilot who became famous for his supersonic flight, making him the first human to break the sound barrier.  As a combat pilot, he also completed an astonishing feat- he became an ace in a single day. Yeager took down five enemy planes in a single combat mission over Europe […] More

10 Facts About Largest Helicopter That Was Ever Built

During the 1960s, the Soviets built the largest, perhaps one of the most technically advanced, helicopters in the world. The Mil V-12 had twice the lifting power of anything before it, and the Soviets designed the plane to airlift 25-ton ballistic missiles to remote locations. Here are the ten facts about the insane helicopter that […] More

The Failed Bomber That Gave Britain The Lancaster

The ill-fated Avro Manchester was a plane plagued with engine problems. Meant to be the newest frontline heavy bomber of the RAF, in the end, it was almost a complete failure.  1. It was the first aircraft to include all the standard features of a WWII RAF bomber It featured all metal construction, light alloys, […] More

10 Things About The World’s Fastest Seaplane

The Convair F2Y was an experimental seaplane in the 1950s and the fastest seaplane in the world. But like any other envelope-pushing aircraft of its time, it was just not meant to be.  Here are the ten interesting things that you need to know about this seaplane fighter aircraft:  1. It has a delta wing […] More

US Most Feared Test: Surviving a Sinking Helicopter While Being Blindfolded

The US military is an institution that relies heavily on training to protect the lives of its troops. These men and women operate in extremely dangerous conditions and equipment. However, do you know there’s a terrifying test to prepare troops in case their helicopter has crashed into the ocean?  Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET)  The […] More

10 Interesting Facts About Japan’s Answer to the P-38 Lightning

The Kawasaki Ki-61 Tony was the only 1943 Japanese fighter that could really compete with the P-38. Here are the ten interesting facts about Japan’s answer to the P-38 Lightning: 1. It’s considered the best-looking fighters of WWII It’s a relatively streamlined airplane packed with a supercharged liquid-cooled inverted V12. The Tony doesn’t always look […] More

US Genius Technique to Resupply Nuclear Submarine Lost at Sea

US Naval vessels are often tasked to spend months on the sea. Thus, the Navy needs to use creative methods to keep the crews fed and the ships armed and fueled.  One of the oldest and perhaps most effective resupplying techniques is the airdrop. This is an airlift operation in which weapons, equipment, humanitarian aid, […] More

Dealing with MacArthur’s 120,000 Man Mistake

In June 1950, communist forces from North Korea invaded western-aligned South Korea, starting the Korean War. General Douglas MacArthur was put in charge of the coalition of United Nations troops.  President Truman was also worried that China might view the invasion as hostile, causing them to intervene in the conflict. However, MacArthur assured his superior […] More