How Richard Bong Took On 9 Japanese Zeros With His P-38

Richard Bong was known as the “Ace of Aces.” He was the highest-scoring US fighter pilot in history. His name was appropriately cemented in history books and the US Air Force records.  But do you know that this legendary pilot actually found himself in a dogfight, alone and outnumbered by the premier fighters of Japan?  […] More

5 Facts About Japanese Mini-Subs at Pearl Harbor

According to military records, five Japanese submarines slipped undetected heading to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii to launch an attack that fateful day. Here are the five facts that you need to know about the Japanese killer subs: 1. The submarines were a two-person midget sub Japan’s secret weapon were five type-A midget submarines that were a […] More

10 Fascinating Facts About the USS Missouri

The USS Missouri BB-63, also known as Mighty Mo is an Iowa-class battleship for the United States Navy in the 1940s. It was first launched in a Naval Shipyard in Brooklyn in 1944. Then, it came to the Pacific Theatre in early 1945.  Here are the ten fascinating facts that you need to know about […] More

8 Interesting Facts About The F-14 Tomcat

The Grumman F17 Tomcat is the United States military’s second swing-wing fighter. This twin-engine, twin-tail variable-sweep wing aircraft is 63 feet long and 16 feet high. It has a maximum wingspan of approximately 61 feet and a cruise speed of 610 miles per hour. Its full speed is 1,540 miles per hour, twice the speed […] More

1 vs 30 – The One Man Air Force

On January 11, 1944, on the way home after bombing a Luftwaffe airplane manufacturer, the US Air Force 401st Bomb Group was attacked by Luftwaffe fighters when flying above the Netherlands. Pilots emerging from enemy fire saw how a single P-51 Mustang singlehandedly chased off approximately 30 German planes that attempted to destroy Allied bombers.  […] More

5 Things About “Flak Bait”- The Plane with 1,000 Holes

The Flak Bait is the B-26 Marauder aircraft that flew more missions than any aircraft during World War II. Here are five interesting things that you need to know about the B-26B-25-MA nicknamed Flak-Bait: 1. It holds the US Air Force’s record for having the highest number of bombing missions conducted and then survived during […] More

Attacking a Wall of US F-15s – The Samurra Air Battle

The Iraqi Air Force conducted Operation Samurra during the Gulf War. It was the Iraqi Airforce’s final attempt with the US F-15s, pinning them down on the Iranian border. The Foxbat and the Eagle During the Cold War, the Soviet MiG-25 Foxbat Supersonic Interceptor and the US F-15 Eagle all-weather tactical fighter were mortal enemies. […] More

5 Things About the Goodyear F2G “Super Corsair”

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Good Year is blimps and tires. However, during World War II, Good Year was in a prime position to be a major aircraft builder.  The aircraft that Good Year built was F2G Super Corsair. Here are the five interesting things about this almost forgotten aircraft:  […] More

10 Facts About the Less Talked About “Hawker Typhoon”

10 Facts About the Less Talked About “Hawker Typhoon” The Hawker Typhoon, affectionately known as the “Tiffie” was Britain’s single engine fighter bomber. Here are the ten facts of the less talked about Hawker Typhoon: 1. The Typhoon was a more powerful machine than the Spitfire It featured a Napier Sabre engine capable of around […] More

5 Facts About the F5E Tiger II

The F5E Tiger II is a lightweight multirole fighter and is the upgraded version of the F-5A Freedom Fighter. Structural improvements and upgrades to the engines and avionics were made while making the aircraft easy to maintain, fly faster, highly maneuverable, and relatively inexpensive. Here are the five facts about the F5F Tiger II: 1. […] More