The Only Blackhawk Attack Helicopter Ever Built – S-67

YouTube / Dark Skies

The Sikorsky S-67 was a prototype attack helicopter. This high-performance helicopter was the first to carry the Blackhawk name.

Attack and Support Missions

For the Vietnam War, the US Army needed a helicopter with heavily armed and armored attack systems which could defeat Soviet armor, has excellent speed and crew protection. The S-67 established this purpose.

New Development and Design Specs

The development of a new prototype began in February 1970 and was completed seven months later. One of its main features is its slender fuselage with a two-person cockpit only 3 feet, 10 inches wide.

The purpose of the design was to boost the helicopter’s speed potential. It also used high-speed sweptback blade tips that flow to speeds of Mach 0.9 without affecting its performance.

Maneuvering Tests

The aircraft was extremely maneuverable and responsive, and pilots loved it. Loops, rolls, and split-S maneuvers can be made with no issues.


In 1972, the army evaluated the S-67 as an alternative for the new attack chopper they had in mind. Sikorsky proposed a production configuration of the Blackhawk. The company added new additions to the Blackhawk.

Some updates included heads-up displays, updated navigation systems, night vision, a low light TV, and a new turret system.

Blackhawk Down

An S-67 prototype was shipped to England in 1974, set to fly at the Farnborough Airshow. However, during the press preview flight, the plane hit the ground during a right-hand low-level roll maneuver.

The co-pilot died during the crash, while the pilot passed away from his injuries nine days later. The prototype was wrecked. The entire program was then terminated after the incident.