5 Facts About The Polish A-10 Killer

The Polish A-10 is a combat aircraft that’s possibly the most overkill 90’s jet ever designed.  Here are five interesting facts about this awesome fighter jet: 1. It wasn’t American or Russian built, but unexpectedly Polish When you think of Aerospace Titans at the end of the Cold War, Poland would be far down your […] More

When A German Ace Tried To Taunt A P-47

On the 6th of June 1943, three squadrons of P-47C Thunderbolts are flying across enemy-occupied France, and at the rear of the formation is 2nd Lieutenant Robert S. Johnson. However, the next thing he knew, he was badly hit.  Danger Ahead When Johnson looks up, he saw coming down from above them are 16 Focke-Wulf […] More

The Plane That Can Beat An F-16 Falcon

The Mirage 2000 is a small but impressively powerful French aircraft. It was one of the few planes tasked to deter a full-fledged nuclear war.  Peculiar Aircraft The Mirage 2000 is a peculiar aircraft- it looked as if someone took an F-16 Fighting Falcon and squeezed it into a smaller and shorter warplane.  However, its […] More

Japan’s Most Desperate Attempt To Defeat The US Air Force

In the last months of World War II, Imperial Japan launched last-ditch, desperate missions to save themselves. One of them is Operation Ichi-Go which would turn out to be one of the biggest warfare operations in the history of the Japanese Army.  The Fractured Dragon China had been at war more than any Allied nation […] More

Why did the Air Force Say No To The F-16XL?

The F-16 became famous for being an outstanding all-weather multirole aircraft. It was so good that over twenty nations adopted it after receiving several upgrades. But what if it got better?  Extra Large The F-16XL was known as the F-16 SCAMP or Supersonic Cruise and Maneuver Prototype in 1977. Harry Hillaker, the father of the […] More

The Incident That Changed WWII

The Altmark incident was a naval incident in World War II between the German tanker Altmark and several British destroyers. The incident happened in February 1940 in neutral Norwegian waters. Aboard the Altmark were about 300 Allied prisoners of war.  However, when the Brits attempted to board the ship, the Norwegians suddenly aimed their torpedo […] More

Germany’s Flying Clog – The BV 138

Out of the many designs fielded by the Luftwaffe during WWII, the Voss BV 138 is perhaps one of the more underrepresented aircraft of its day, despite its striking design, and remarkably varied service life. Early Stages of Development The development of this aircraft started in the mid-1930s. A need has risen for a new […] More

The Never Built Soviet Stealth Bomber – T-4MS

The Soviet T4 MS was a high-speed reconnaissance, anti-ship, and strategic bomber aircraft that would have revolutionized the warfare of the late Cold War era. While it would have turned the tables back in the Soviets’ favor, it never went beyond the prototype stage.  New Aircraft The Soviet Union came up with a list of […] More

How A Cargo Ship Helped Win WWII

In 1940, hundreds of cargo ships travel across the Atlantic, in a desperate effort to keep Britain supplied against Nazi, Germany. However, these ships were being taken down by enemy ships and submarines.  Thus, the Allies needed to find a way to build thousands of cargo ships, and build them faster than Germany hope to […] More

The Air Force’s 747 Aircraft Carrier Concept

Boeing once worked on a project that would turn their 747 into a mothership capable of launching tiny fighter jets in the 1970s. A flying aircraft carrier would’ve been able to respond quickly to crises while its speed would make it more harder to destroy. And did we forget to mention that it sounds cool? […] More

The Strange WWII Escape That Nobody Believed

When a mystery man was rescued claiming he had narrowly escaped the submarine HMS Perseus, many people thought him to be a fraud. A Communal Coffin The British Parthian-class submarine HMS Perseus was struck by an Italian mine while recharging her batteries on the surface off the coast of the Greek island of Kefalonia. For […] More