Clark Gable Wins Air Gunner Wings 1943

Youtube / Buyout Footage Historical Film Archive

There’s an archival stock footage of World War II military newsreel where American film actor Clark Gable wins air gunner wings in 1943.

The video took place at a United States Army school where flexible gunnery sharp shooters learn to use aerial machine guns. Gable was an honored graduate of the school. He risked refusing a higher rank and worked his way up. In the clip, he was awarded the silver wings of an aerial gunner, a First Lieutenant in the Army Air Force.

William Clark Gable often referred to as “The King of Hollywood” was 42 when he enlisted as a private in the Army Air Force on August 12, 1942, at Los Angeles after his wife was killed in a plane crash. Gable spent two years as an aerial cameraman, photographer, and bomber gunner in Europe during WWII.

He was stationed at Polebrook to produce a recruiting film for aircraft gunners. Gable was able to fly at least 5 missions as Captain filming 50,000 ft of gunnery combat during 1943. He received the Air Medal for his service.