5 Facts About Possibly The Greatest Light Tank of WWII

YouTube / Dark Docs

The M24 Chaffee was an American light tank used in the latter part of World War II. This quick, and maneuverable tank was designed to replace the M5 Stuart light tank. 

Here are five interesting facts about possibly the greatest light tank of WWII:

1. The M-24 Light Tank was nicknamed M-24 Chaffee in honor of Major General Adna R. Chaffee Jr

Chaffee was considered the father of the armored force.

2. The tank had enough space for a five-man crew

The crew comprised a tank commander, a loader, a gunner, the main driver, and the assistant driver that was also the radio operator.

3. It had a conventional tank layout

The driving compartment is located at the front, the fighting compartment at the center, and the engine section at the rear. Its armor is also quite thin as compared to medium battle tanks- with a maximum thickness of 1.5 inches at the gun shield.

4. It was armed with a powerful 75-millimeter cannon. Secondary armament included a 0.50-caliber machine gun and two 0.30-caliber Browning machine guns

Armed with the powerful 75-millimeter cannon, it could shoot 48 rounds. The tank also had the capacity for 440 rounds of 50-caliber ammunition and 3,750 rounds for the 30-caliber Browning machine guns.

5. The Chaffee eventually became the spearhead of armed formations when the Allies went to the Rhine to defeat Nazi Germany

The light tank had a top speed of 35 miles per hour, with a maximum range of 175 miles tanks to its 100-gallon fuel tank. It also has great off-road capability.