5 Facts About The A-26 Invader You Might Not Know

The Douglas A-26 Invader was an American twin-engine light bomber attack aircraft that carried extensive bomb loads and a wide range of guns. It was built by Douglas Aircraft in World War II and produced for the US Air Force.  Here are the five interesting facts about the A-26 Invader you probably didn’t know:   1. […] More

The Allied Prisoner Who Stole A German Bomber In WWII

Mikhail Devyataev’s story is like something out of a hero movie.  Man Down Devyataev was piloting a Bell P-39 when he was shot down near Lviv, Ukraine. As he landed, German troops immediately seized him and he was taken to prison. The Germans weren’t particularly welcoming when it came to Russian military officers. According to […] More

The Most Mysterious Ghost Plane of WWII

New Faces A new B-24D Liberator was assigned to the 514th Bomb Squadron of the Air Force in 1943. There, it was given the name, “Lady Be Good” – a reference to the musical, and was assigned a fresh new crew. The crew members arrived in Libya just weeks before they got their first mission […] More

The 6,000 Horsepower Plane that Nearly Killed Howard Hughes

Howard Hughes, an American business magnate, pilot, and engineer tried to build a high-speed, photo-reconnaissance plane. Thus, he started building the X-F11. Originally Hughes’s high-speed aircraft was intended to fulfill a variety of roles. But since it was constructed from wood, the Air Force didn’t show any interest in it. As luck would have it, […] More

10 Facts About the OV-10 Bronco

The OV-10 Bronco is a rugged, twin-turboprop multi-mission aircraft that served the US Air Force and the Marine Corps. The Navy squadron VAL-4 Black Ponies successfully used them throughout the Vietnam War. 1. It was one of the most versatile aircraft the US produced It measures 42 feet long, with 40 feet wing span. It’s […] More

5 Challenges In Bailing Out Of A WWII Plane

1. Cockpit Design For some planes, opening the cockpit can be a bit problematic. When planes would get hit, it could damage the engine and the controls needed to open the cockpit. Though some planes like the P-51 had an easier time opening the canopy. In such airplanes, a pilot would only slide the canopy […] More

The Stealth Diamond – YF-23 Gray Ghost & Black Widow II

While the YF-23 may have shown promise, it ultimately lost to the F-22 Raptor. But where does this legendary aircraft fare in history? Advanced Tactical Fighter Plane In 1981, the US started an advanced tactical fighter program to create the next generation air superiority fighter. To face a threat against the Soviets, the Air Force […] More

10 Reasons The “Wasps” Were Important To WWII Victory

There were pioneers even before women could fly combat missions to Afghanistan and Iraq. They’re known as the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs) of WWII. Their central role was to fly fighter planes from factories to Air Force bases and tow and test new aircraft for the United States Air Force.  Here are the reasons […] More

Accidentally Taking Off with Wings Still Folded in Half

A Crucial Mistake Forgetting to use your seatbelts in a car is one thing, forgetting to unfold your plane’s wings is a whole other story. On January 22, 1968, a pilot of the VF-53 Navy squadron aboard the USS Bon Homme Richard took off at night with his F-8 Crusader. It was supposed to be […] More

5 Fascinating Facts About the Vought F-8 Crusader – The Last Gunfighter

The Vought F-8 Crusader is a single-engine, supersonic aircraft built for the United States Navy and the Marine Corps and served principally for the Vietnam War. It was the only fighter plane during the war with guns and missiles. Here are some interesting points about the F-8 Crusader, also known as the Last Gunfighter: Record-Setting […] More

5 Reasons the “Helldiver” Was The Worst and Final Navy Dive Bomber

The Curtiss SB2C Helldiver was supposedly the Navy’s frontline carrier-based bomber for the entire duration of World War II. However, it was plagued with problems throughout its development and even after it was officially introduced. Here are the five reasons the “Helldiver” was the worst and final navy dive bomber: It showed signs of trouble […] More

10 Facts About The “Merlin” Engine From Jay Leno’s Garage

In another episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, American TV host Jay Leno showcases the power and incredible engineering of his Merlin 1650-1 engine. The engine was well-known to be the very heart of famous World War II planes, like the P-51 Mustang, and the legendary Lancaster bombers. Here are ten fun facts that you need […] More