An Icon Of The US Army Air Corps | Boeing P-26 ‘Peashooter’

The Boeing P-26 ‘Peashooter’ was an American-built single-seat fighter aircraft that entered service in the 1930s. It became the first all-metal monoplane fighter operated by the US Army Air Corps, ushering in a new era in military aviation. From The Start The P-26 was a design created in response to a USAAC requirement for a […] More

5 Reasons The Aardvark Was A Death Machine

Variable Geometry Wings The F-111’s wings were designed to help manage its weight while improving its speed at various altitudes. If needed, the wings can fully extend to triple their surface area. If fully swept back, the Aardvark benefits in the reduction of drag making supersonic flights possible. Its wings also enabled it to carry […] More

5 Reasons Why No Plane Could Really Match The EA-6B Prowler

Suppresses Air Defenses The Prowler plays a key role in suppressing air defenses since its inception. Due to its specific and important role in modern combat, the Prowler has helped many of its allies operate and return safely. In fact, the only time the F-117 lost was because of the absence of EA-6Bs which were […] More

10 Reasons the F-35 Is Better Than You Think

1. It Doesn’t Need To Dogfight We’ve all heard what people said about the F-35’s dogfighting capabilities – or lack thereof. It is true that it had a disadvantage in a turning fight and was ineffective in surviving attacks due to its lack of maneuverability. However, in a real-life situation, the F-35 wouldn’t need to […] More

10 Things About The WWII Air Raid Deadlier Than an Atomic Bomb

1. State of Japanese Cities Houses in Japan’s cities were predominantly made of wood and paper. Combine that with the fact that Japan’s urban areas were densely populated, and you’ll get flammable cities. Furthermore, their military plants were surrounded by these crowded areas and some of the industrial work was actually done inside the homes […] More

10 Facts About a Day in the Life of a US Navy Pilot on a Carrier

1. Detailed Briefings Pre-flight operations always start with briefings. In these meetings, the pilots are fed with intel from the Carrier Intelligence Center. It covers any flight-related information such as the current and forecasted weather and ship position. In addition, they are also told about the critical operations in the area and the recent data […] More

5 Facts About The Insane Engineering of the Javelin

1. Night Vision Lens Contrary to what its name suggests, the Javelin’s night vision lens can be used for day and night missions. It provides an option to use a 4x or 9x magnification and infrared sight. The lens is part of the Command Launch Unit which can be detached from the main tube. When […] More

Timeline of The F-117 Nighthawk Being Shot Down Over Serbia

7:05 PM, March 27th, 1999 4 F-117 Nighthawks prepare for take-off at Aviano Air Base in Northern Italy. The mission was to strike targets in former Yugoslavia as part of a NATO air offensive. However, the weather was quickly deteriorating which grounded other aircraft. Nevertheless, the Nighthawks still proceeded with their mission. Spies Spots The […] More

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