5 Reasons Why Hypersonic Missiles Don’t Make Sense

Creating a hypersonic missile involves solving a lot of extremely difficult problems. Yes, hypersonic technology is the future, but its utility is still up for debate. Here’s why: 1. What goes up, must come down To approach its target, the hypersonic missile would eventually need to come down to the warmer and denser atmosphere. The […] More

10 Facts About WWII’s First Night Fighter – The P-61 Black Widow

Northrop’s P-61 Black Widow was effectively used by USAF squadrons in Europe and the Pacific Theaters during WWII. This all-metal fighter wasn’t produced in large numbers compared to its contemporaries, yet left a big impact on the war. Here’s ten interesting facts about America’s storied night fighter: 1. First warbird designed as a night fighter […] More

The Pilot Who Attached A Bazooka To A Plane

German Panzer and Tiger tanks were amongst the best the world has ever seen during WWII. These tanks had heavy protection from the front and sides, making it harder for American tanks to score a fatal hit. However, these German tanks had one big weakness – they were incredibly vulnerable from the top.  Growing Restless […] More

Most Unfair Submarine Attack of WW2

RMS Laconia was carrying almost 2,800 passengers when it was hit by a German U-boat off the coast of West Africa on September 12, 1942. Among those aboard the British troopship were thousands of Italian prisoners, Allied soldiers, and crewmembers. Returning Back When U-156 surfaced, its captain Werner Hartenstein, saw over 2,000 people struggling in […] More

5 Facts About The Forgotten Martin 262 Convoy Fighter

The US Navy’s convoy ships were extremely vulnerable during WWII. Their ships were particularly having a hard time against air attacks, so a bunch of companies proposed their design for a defensive fighter/interceptor. Glenn Martin entered the competition with their optimistic design – the Martin 262. Three Different Designs During its development phase, Martin created […] More

5 Reasons Why Lockheed’s A380 Never Took Off

Back in the ‘90s, Lockheed Martin had their own idea for a double-decked super transport plane. The optimistic design was planned to be bigger than the 747 and would have carried more passengers than the A380. Lockheed came up with the name “Very Large Subsonic Airplane,” which had a takeoff weight of 1,400,000 lbs, a […] More

Top 5 WORST Willys jeep features

For what it’s worth, these are merely gripes regarding some of the jeep’s functionalities. The Willys jeep itself was a respected and well-made machine that tremendously helped the Allied armies during WWII. Nevertheless, here’s what “Greendot 319” had to say about the jeep’s worst features. 1. Not enough space Let’s start off by stating the […] More