Pershing Tank Startup and Ride- Also Tows A Sherman

Old Tank’s Still Got It The last remaining Pershing Tank that crossed the Ludendorff Bridge at Remagen resides in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, at the Wright Museum. In the video, we see this old tank get called into action once more to save a disabled Sherman tank. For a tank that’s decades old, it got the […] More

10 Interesting Facts About the M3 Grant Tank

Tank Museum Historian David Fletcher shares some fascinating facts about the M3 Medium Tank – the vehicle used as a stopgap while the M4 Sherman was still in development. Here are ten things you need to know about the M3: 1. Supplied in two variants The tank had two versions for British and American use. […] More

5 Mysteries of the Elusive F-117 Nighthawk

Being the first stealth fighter of America has its ups and downs. Here’s how the Nighthawk’s promised excellence was cut short by multiple shortcomings and an incident in Yugoslavia. Legendary Story Its story began in 1964 when Pyotr Ufimtsev published the “Method of Edge Waves in the Physical Theory of Diffraction”. Ufimstev’s discovery about how […] More

Most Important Aircraft of ALL TIME

After numerous designs and technological advancements, it’s no surprise that there have been many outstanding aircraft throughout history. Here they are listed below for your convenience. Let us know if we’ve missed anything! 1900-1930 Wright Flyer – The first airplane to achieve a controlled, sustained flight with a pilot  Bleriot XI – The first aircraft […] More

America’s Heavy Fighter That Almost Killed Its Crew

Dreaming Big Airacudas were Bell Aircraft’s attempt to break into the aviation scene. This attempt came with the intention to make a sleeker and more futuristic design compared to other aircraft at that time. However, in the world of aviation, looks don’t matter as much as performance and reliability. Bold Design One of its many […] More

10 Things About The P-63 You Need To Know (Walkaround)

Thanks to Mark Allen, we are given a detailed walkaround tour of the Commemorative Air Force’s P-63. Here are the ten things you need to know about the King Cobra: 1. F Variant has an enlarged tail The CAF’s P-63 is an F variant, featuring a larger vertical tail than other versions. This change came […] More

10 Facts About the AgustaWestland AW101 Helicopter

Here’s what you need to know about the AgustaWestland AW101, a medium-lift helicopter that’s been in service for more than two decades: 1. Can be flexed in other roles When not performing search and rescue missions, the AW101 can be used for cargo transport and as a multi-purpose utility helicopter, with its MH1 variant able […] More

5 Things You Never Knew About the SBD “Dauntless” Dive Bomber

1. Size of Holes Initially, the SBD’s flaps would cause its tail to shake violently during an attacking dive, highly affecting the bomber’s accuracy. After some time, they finally realized that putting 3in-diameter holes in its flaps would slow the Dauntless down without causing too much drag. 2. Wings Don’t Fold Nobody can blame anyone […] More