Fieseler Fi 156 – The Best WW2 Plane of Its Kind

From An Ace A German Ace by the name of Gerhard Fieseler continued to hone his flying skills after WWI as an instructor and then as a stunt pilot. After some time, he designed his own planes and started his own company. By the start of WWII, his company was able to produce aircraft for […] More

When 9000 Planes Bombed Germany’s Logistics off the Map

Two Sides The aim of the operation was to deliver a decisive blow to Germany in the hopes of lowering morale. However, many disagreed with this statement. One official countered that this would make the treatment of Allied POWs harsher and make the Allies look much worse because of the expected high civilian casualties. Pushing […] More

Landing on a Submarine – V-22 Osprey Special Ops Delivery

A PR Move? Twitter user, @thenewarea51, posted a picture on April 2022 showing a CV-22 Osprey flying almost on top of an unidentified submarine. Viewers were quick to point out how dangerous this mission must have been with some leading to believe it was an obvious PR move by the Navy. Osprey’s Capabilities Deployed in […] More

The Spooky P-38 that landed without a pilot

Flying At Low Altitude At around 6 PM, a suspicious-looking aircraft was seen flying at a low altitude. It was slowly closing in on RAF Honington in Suffolk, England. The crew on the ground couldn’t make out what the plane was or which side it belonged to. All they knew at this point, was it […] More

5 Reasons The Chosin Reservoir was Hell on Earth

1. Cold As Hell By the time the Marines arrived, the winter was already fast approaching. The air was dry and the weather was cold. The troops had to make do with what they were supplied with. A huge campfire and hot shower were all they had to combat the cold. 2. They Weren’t Updated […] More

10 Facts About Charlton Heston Including WWII Service

1. Not A 20th-Century Man In a sense, Charlton Heston was a modern man. He was a theater kid and a political activist, even at a young age. What separated him from others in his acting career, is his affinity to play historical figures. As an actor, Heston played men who were “doomed to fail”. […] More