5 Reasons The Chosin Reservoir was Hell on Earth

1. Cold As Hell By the time the Marines arrived, the winter was already fast approaching. The air was dry and the weather was cold. The troops had to make do with what they were supplied with. A huge campfire and hot shower were all they had to combat the cold. 2. They Weren’t Updated […] More

10 Facts About Charlton Heston Including WWII Service

1. Not A 20th-Century Man In a sense, Charlton Heston was a modern man. He was a theater kid and a political activist, even at a young age. What separated him from others in his acting career, is his affinity to play historical figures. As an actor, Heston played men who were “doomed to fail”. […] More

What Happened To Flying Wings?

Revolutionary Design Jack Northrop wasn’t the first to think of an all-wing design to help reduce drag and maximize lift. But by 1940, he had already flown prototypes to prove its efficiency. Using these results, Northrop promised a bomber that could fly 1/3 faster, carry twice the payload, and had 3 times more range at […] More

P-38 Lightning Why Not Merlin Engines?

Makes Sense On Paper Both the P-38 and the P-51 had Allison engines at one point. Since the P-51 heavily benefited from the Merlin engine, changing the P-38’s Allison to a Merlin makes sense. However, that only works on paper. The Allison had a single-stage, single-speed supercharging system while the Merlin had a two-stage, two-speed […] More

5 Reasons The Aardvark Was A Death Machine

Variable Geometry Wings The F-111’s wings were designed to help manage its weight while improving its speed at various altitudes. If needed, the wings can fully extend to triple their surface area. If fully swept back, the Aardvark benefits in the reduction of drag making supersonic flights possible. Its wings also enabled it to carry […] More

5 Reasons Why No Plane Could Really Match The EA-6B Prowler

Suppresses Air Defenses The Prowler plays a key role in suppressing air defenses since its inception. Due to its specific and important role in modern combat, the Prowler has helped many of its allies operate and return safely. In fact, the only time the F-117 lost was because of the absence of EA-6Bs which were […] More

10 Reasons the F-35 Is Better Than You Think

1. It Doesn’t Need To Dogfight We’ve all heard what people said about the F-35’s dogfighting capabilities – or lack thereof. It is true that it had a disadvantage in a turning fight and was ineffective in surviving attacks due to its lack of maneuverability. However, in a real-life situation, the F-35 wouldn’t need to […] More

10 Things About The WWII Air Raid Deadlier Than an Atomic Bomb

1. State of Japanese Cities Houses in Japan’s cities were predominantly made of wood and paper. Combine that with the fact that Japan’s urban areas were densely populated, and you’ll get flammable cities. Furthermore, their military plants were surrounded by these crowded areas and some of the industrial work was actually done inside the homes […] More