10 Facts About a Day in the Life of a US Navy Pilot on a Carrier

1. Detailed Briefings Pre-flight operations always start with briefings. In these meetings, the pilots are fed with intel from the Carrier Intelligence Center. It covers any flight-related information such as the current and forecasted weather and ship position. In addition, they are also told about the critical operations in the area and the recent data […] More

5 Facts About The Insane Engineering of the Javelin

1. Night Vision Lens Contrary to what its name suggests, the Javelin’s night vision lens can be used for day and night missions. It provides an option to use a 4x or 9x magnification and infrared sight. The lens is part of the Command Launch Unit which can be detached from the main tube. When […] More

Timeline of The F-117 Nighthawk Being Shot Down Over Serbia

7:05 PM, March 27th, 1999 4 F-117 Nighthawks prepare for take-off at Aviano Air Base in Northern Italy. The mission was to strike targets in former Yugoslavia as part of a NATO air offensive. However, the weather was quickly deteriorating which grounded other aircraft. Nevertheless, the Nighthawks still proceeded with their mission. Spies Spots The […] More

10 Facts About The B-2 Spirit Bomber

1. Culmination of Technological Advancements What do you get after combining 100 years of bombing experience, advancement of technology and engineering, newer aircraft designs, and the introduction of smart bombs? A highly sophisticated stealth bomber that has never been targeted, detected, or engaged during its service with the US Air Force. 2. Ahead of its […] More

How MacArthur Caused the Philippines Disaster

Too Overconfident MacArthur carefully crafted his own image with the help of a Public Relations staff. His obsession with being viewed as a great commander led him to bypass command from higher-ranking officials. The likes of Dwight Eisenhower already stated their bitterness towards MacArthur’s obsession with his public image. Soon enough, his narcissistic personality would […] More

Greatest Allied Mistake During World War II Broken Down

They Got Too Comfortable By September of 1944, German forces have already retreated from France. This act sent shockwaves of euphoria to the Allied troops. For them, this meant that the war was finally about to be over and it was only a matter of time before Germany surrenders. Germany was weakened, down to its […] More

15 Reasons Patton Was A Genius For War

1. Military Blood Runs In His Veins Patton’s grandfather, also named George Patton Sr., was a commander during the American Civil War. He commanded the 22nd Virginia Infantry under General Jubal Early. It was also said that they were descendants of Lords and Barons, from King Edward I of England to the 16 barons who […] More

When Five Ships were Sunk in 30 minutes

Ramage’s Rampage On July 31, 1944, the submarine USS Parche was stalking a convoy of Japanese merchants through the China Sea for hours. Finally, at 4 AM, Commander Ramage launched his attack, penetrating the defenses of three naval escorts. Soon after, the submarine and the convoy were on a collision course. The Rampage Has Begun […] More

Timeline of P-38’s Intercepting and Shooting Down Yamamoto

Early April of 1943 Yamamoto leads Operation I-Go to bomb Allied air, land, and naval assets of the Solomon Islands. This partially successful operation was Yamamoto’s last ever operation. 14th of April Japan plans to transport Yamamoto to Bougainville Island. US forces decoded the orders from their radio message. They knew Yamamoto will be transported […] More