10 Terrifying Facts Of WWII General Hideki Tojo That Made Him So Evil

1. Assembled The Japanese Gestapo The Kempeitai rivaled Hitler’s Gestapo in terms of their heightened surveillance and paranoid behavior. They would beat suspects severely before asking questions and were known to get information by beatings and torture, making it one of the most sadistic police forces in human history. 2. Complicit In Nanjing Though he […] More

Patton’s Personal Jeep Driver – 5 Things We Learned

 You can’t help but smile at how energetic and proud Francis “Jeep” Sanza is. His enthusiasm to answer these questions is infectious! 1. He’s A Good Driver And Mechanic What can you expect from a guy nicknamed Jeep? He even boasts that he could take out the engine in 40 minutes by using a special […] More

How A Mathematician Saved the American Bombers in WWII

Abraham Wald, a Jewish mathematician who fled Romania, wanted to do everything in his power to stop Hitler from winning the war.  Positioned At Columbia University After being pushed out of his home in Europe, Wald accepted a position at Columbia University in the United States. There, he was a part of a Statistical Research […] More

The Worst Possible Way To Lose a B-17 Bomber

Mission: Bomb Berlin On May 19, 1944, the 331st Bomb Squadron of the 94th Bomb Group journeyed towards Germany from a base in England. That day, B-17 bombers were tasked to go over Berlin for a bombing mission. One of the participating B-17s, named Miss Donna Mae, was piloted by First Lieutenant Marion Reid. They […] More

5 Facts About The Fascinating U2

Just like the B-52 Stratofortress, the U-2 Dragon Lady is still actively used today. This high-altitude reconnaissance plane just keeps getting better and better. 1. More Than 60 Years In Service Its first flight was 67 years ago and was in service about a year later. It could fly up to 70,000 feet and still […] More

5 Interesting Questions Answered By An Actual SR-71 Pilot

Why does the nose come off? The SR-71 had three types of nose cones. Training noses that only had weights for simulation, radar noses to fit radar instruments, and a nose cone to fit a camera. The camera is commonly referred to as “The Country’s Camera” since it can take a picture 72 miles wide.  […] More

Underwater Aircraft Carriers: Imperial Japan’s Secret Weapon

A Hail Mary The Japanese Navy needed a revolutionary weapon of mass destruction capable of turning the tides of the war. One such idea came in the form of a submarine that doubles as an aircraft carrier. Merging the stealth capabilities of a submarine and strike capabilities of carriers, the I-400 was already too good […] More