Why B-29 was More Expensive than the Atomic Bomb

Highly Sophisticated (At The Time) The US knew the B-17 wouldn’t be effective in a war against Japan. Japan is located in the Pacific, where space for air bases is scarce. One solution to this problem is to design a plane that could fly longer without refueling. Since the aircraft was also designed to operate […] More

WWII Rescue Buoys – Secret ‘Floating Hotels’

Early Design When France succumbed to Germany, the Axis powers knew Britain was finally within reach. However, in order to conquer Britain, Germany had to get control of the skies first. Both Britain and Germany were trying to gain air superiority over each other with both suffering huge losses. As the war raged on, more […] More

The INSANE 1950s British Nuclear Bomber With No Tail

Invented By Sir Barnes Wallis The English scientist/engineer/inventor played an instrumental role in WWII. One of his best inventions was the bouncing bomb that destroyed German dams in the Ruhr Valley. However, bombs aren’t the only thing he was known for.  The Concept It was supposed to be a supersonic aircraft that could control its […] More

Bizarre Fat Airplane that Changed Military Aviation Forever

Intubed Propellers Luigi Stipa invented what he called the “intubed propeller.” The idea was to mount the engine and propeller inside a fuselage that formed a venturi tube. Due to its design, it would compress the propeller’s airflow and engine’s exhaust before exiting the duct at the trailing edge of the plane, making the propellers […] More

10 Things About Island Hopping: Strategy Behind US Success In Pacific

1. Relied On Photo-Reconnaissance  Using photo-reconnaissance planes was vital to the Allied operations in the islands. These warbirds photographed the islands to make it easier for US intelligence to plan their next attack. Back in the base, skilled photo interpreters would continuously examine the evidence. Aside from pointing out enemy camp installations, they could also […] More

5 Reasons Why the US Apache is Still Feared Today

1. Tried and Tested Boeing’s AH-64 Apache was introduced into the US service in 1986 and is still being operated today. In total, the Apache has flown 4.8 million hours of flight time. In those hours, 1.3 million were spent in combat.  2. Self-Protection Sensors AH-64s are fitted with sensors and infrared jammers to protect […] More

10 Things About the Most “Fightin’est Marine”

The forgotten “Fightn’est Marine” left a legacy full of bravery and heroism. We’ve listed down 10 facts about this one-of-a-kind Marine below. 1. Idolized War Heroes One of the many reasons why Daniel Daly was interested in serving was his interest in war heroes. As a kid, Daly was enamored by heroic figures he read […] More

10 Facts About the F-84 Thunderjet You Might Not Know

The day fighter turned fighter-bomber has now been forgotten by many. Today, we look at 10 facts you might have not known about Republic’s F-84 Thunderjet. 1. First Aircraft Flown By Thunderbirds When the USAF Thunderbirds started in 1953, the first ever plane they operated was the F-84G Thunderjets. They continued to use the Thunderjets […] More

The Luckiest Fighter Ace of WWII

Jack Ilfrey was the first American P-38 ace pilot of WWII and perhaps one of the luckiest aces during his time. Below, we tackle how the American ace managed to maneuver away from total failure.   Out Of Fuel One of his P-38’s drop tanks malfunctioned while on the way to North Africa. Because of […] More