The Luckiest Fighter Ace of WWII

Jack Ilfrey was the first American P-38 ace pilot of WWII and perhaps one of the luckiest aces during his time. Below, we tackle how the American ace managed to maneuver away from total failure.   Out Of Fuel One of his P-38’s drop tanks malfunctioned while on the way to North Africa. Because of […] More

10 Fascinating Facts About the Avro Lancaster “Dambusters”

1. Used Underpowered Engines The Lancaster originated from the Manchester – a bomber powered by the still-in-development Rolls-Royce Vulture engines. Though the airframe had no problems, the plane’s performance suffered heavily because of the engines. Years later, Avro submitted a proposal for a four-engined Manchester. This time, it was powered by Rolls-Royce Merlin engines, solving […] More

The Most Precious Cargo of WW2

Prisoners Once More Technically free men, the Allied POWs in Barth, Germany, still had a long way to go before they could come home to their respective countries. On April 30, the Germans in charge of the camp left their posts to evade the incoming Soviet Union’s Red Army. A day later, the Red Army […] More

5 Reasons The Beaufighter Was the Underrated British Plane of WWII

The likes of the Spitfires, Mosquitos, and Hurricanes always get mentioned when the topic of British WWII planes is brought up. One plane, the Bristol Type 156 Beaufighter, is sometimes omitted from these conversations. Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t forget about this multi-role aircraft. Produced 70 Aces Yes, you read that right. The […] More

5 Reasons The Dauntless Was the Best Dive Bomber of WWII

1. Battle of Midway The Dauntless played its most important role during the Battle of Midway. Four SBD squadrons engaged Japanese aircraft carriers and efficiently took care of them in just six minutes. They sank or fatally damaged three carriers: the Akagi, Kaga, and Soryu. After the initial attack, they finished off two more Japanese […] More

5 Reasons the Boulton Paul Defiant Was the Worst WWII Plane

1. A Short Triumph The Defiant had a short, successful stint after its introduction. Luftwaffe pilots mistook the Defiant for the Hawker Hurricane and approached the former, thinking it had the same weakness. Weeks after, the Luftwaffe figured out the Defiant’s flaw. If they approached it in front, its turret would be ineffective and unusable. […] More

Japanese Army vs. Killer Crocodiles 1945

Strategic Location Ramree Island is located 70 miles south of Akyab and was deemed to be highly valuable due to its strategic location. The island could support air bases near enough for planes to fly over to the mainland. It was previously held by the British Army, but the Japanese took over the island in […] More

The Stealth Bomber Crash Caught on Google Maps

A Rare Crash On September 14, 2021, a B-2 Spirit crashed on Whiteman Air Force Base. The plane was seen on the side of the runway with one of its wings digging into the ground.  Initial Investigations The Air Force Global Strike Command put out a statement regarding the crash. According to preliminary investigations, the […] More